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Weekly Roundup – Special Edition – What’s New in Revit 2017


This is a Special Edition of the Weekly Roundup, focused solely on What’s New with Revit 2017 …….I would say all Flavors, but that’s one of the new things it’s just “Revit” in 2017, no more Architecture, Structure or MEP.

Revit 2017

UPDATE #3 at the bottom – Saturday May 14th, 2016.

UPDATE #2 – Saturday May 7th, 2016.

UPDATE #1 – Saturday April 30th, 2016.

Lets get the party started with what Autodesk has to say about what’s new with Revit 2017.

What’s New in Revit 2017

Of course Autodesk doesn’t just write what’s new anymore, they also have a large collection of clips on their Autodesk Building Solutions YouTube channel too.

What’s New in Revit 2017 (they have 26 video’s in this playlist) I have embedded a few to wet your appetite.

I thought a good place to start the blogger posts with the  RevitCat as he talking about the install process……..which seems like a good enough starting point.

What’s New in Revit 2017

Installing Revit 2017  (Part 2)

Elevation Depth Cueing in Revit 2017

There have been a lot of posts about the new 2017 version of Revit, but I think Steve from Revit OpEd is hands down the winner for most posts, check them all out (so far) below.

Leak – Revit 2017 Help Documentation

Revit 2017 – New Features and Enhancements

Revit 2017 – Text Editor Features

Revit 2017 – Reference Plane Subcategories

Revit 2017 – Combine Parameters in a Schedule

Revit 2017 – Space Naming Utility Update – It is Available Now

Revit 2017 – Enabling Worksharing

Revit 2017 – Upgrading Text Warning

There have been other multi-poster too, like The Revit Saver.

New Features in Revit 2017

Autodesk Revit 2017 Student Launch 04/14/2016

Revit 2017 New Features from Autodesk Building Solutions

Some chose to post not about what’s new, but what’s quirky with what’s new, check out these posts from Brian of The Revit Geek.

Revit 2017 Text Editor quirks

Revit 2017 Text Editor vs Tag

Revit 2017 Purge Material Assests in Familes

Revit 2017 View Range Quirk

Maybe listen to What’s New is more your thing, then check out these Podcast.

E30 REVIT 2017     (BIMThoughts)

Episode 50 – Hawaii Five-O     (The Architech Show)

You knew Luke from What Revit Wants would have a post or 2 on Revit 2017.

2017 Autodesk Add-Ins for Revit via Autodesk Desktop App

Dynamo and Revit 2017

If you are a little more on the coder side of Revit then you will enjoy these posts from  The Building Coder.

Revit 2017, RevitLookup and SDK Samples

RvtSamples for Revit 2017

What’s New in the Revit 2017 API

Room Editor – First Revit 2017 Addin Migration

Of course there even more bloggers out there that wanted to share their thoughts on Revit 2017!

What’s New in Revit 2017?  (BIMopedia)

Revit 2017! (BIMmuse)

Revit 2017 – My 3 Favorite New Features  (The Revit Kid)

Revit 2017 Advances BIM for Future of Designing Buildings  (In the Fold)

Revit 2017 is here! What’s new?  (Paul Aubin via LinkedIn)

What’s New in Revit 2017  (AECbytes)

Revit 2017: Curbs from Railings  (landarchBIM)

Autodesk AEC 2017 Product Portfolio  (AECbytes Blog)

Autodesk 2017 Release Information  (Applying Technology to Architecture)

Five Standout Features from the Newly Released Autodesk Revit 2017  (Sean Burke via Architect Magazine)

Revit Updates for 2017 Edition  (CADdigest)

Building Design Suite 2017  (Revittize)

Autodesk Revit 2017 – What’s New for Structures  (Autodesk Revit Structure)

Revit 2017 Release News + Insight 360  (Insight 360 Blog)

New features in Revit 2017  (CADGROUP CAD BLOG)

Some people wanted to post about what they didn’t like about Revit 2017, like this post from Revit in Plain English.

Disable Optimized View Navigation in Revit 2017

Now that we are thinking about upgrading our Revit Projects with the new release, here is a handy post from MicroSol Resources Blog about C4R.


Here is a quick tip post from the IMAGINiT Support Blog about C4R 2016 issue when you install Revit 2017.

Missing Collaboration for Revit 2016 projects after installing Collaboration for Revit 2017

I know there will be more posts in the coming weeks about Revit 2017, but I think this is a good start. So Check back over to see all the updated posts.

UPDATE #1 April 30th, 2016

Revit 2017 came out officially last week, and there are still lots of new post about the good, the bad, and everything in between.

Revit 2017 – View Range Keyboard Shortcut  (Revit OpEd)

Elevation Depth Cueing in Revit 2017  (RevitCat)

Room Editor – First Revit 2017 Addin Migration  (The Building Coder)

Autodesk Unveils 2017 Products for Building and Civil Infrastructure Industries  (TheBIMhub)

Variable Rebar Distribution in Revit 2017  (BIM and Beam)

Revit 2017 – Text Element Error Message  (Revit OpEd)

Good Things and Not So Good Things About Revit 2017  (What Revit Wants)

Revit 2017 – Associate Family Parameter Tool Tip  (Revit OpEd)

FYI: Some changes to installations in Autodesk 2017 products.  (CAD Group)

Revit 2017 – Align Padlock and Wall Core Centerline (Revit OpEd)

Revit 2017 Tags  (The Revit Geeks Blog)

UPDATE #2 May 7th, 2016

3 Weeks in and still lots of posts about the new Revit 2017, check out this weeks batch below.

Revit 2017 – Align Padlock and Wall Core Centerline  (Revit OpEd)

Revit 2017 – Calculated Values in Tags  (Revit OpEd)

More Revit 2017 Install Mess  (RevitCat)

Global Parameters in Revit 2017  (RevitCat)

Revit 2017 – Filters and Reference Planes  (Revit OpEd)

Revit 2017 – Text and Character Map Use  (Revit OpEd)

Code Signing For Revit 2017  (Boost Your BIM)

Introducing Autodesk 2017 (May 2016 Issue of AUGIWorld)

Demo of Revit 2017 with new functionalities for structure  (BIM & Revit World!)

Roundup – Autodesk Product Enhancements for Revit 2017  (Revit Add-ons)

UPDATE #3 May 14th, 2016

We are still getting a few posts about what’s new in Revit 2017.

New Tangency Locks in Revit 2017  (RevitCat)

Revit Lookup 2017 Installer  (Boost Your BIM)

Revit 2017 features Daylight Rendering to render a view with Sunlight  (BIM & Revit World!)

Reinforcement Connectors in Revit 2017  (BIM and Beam)

Ready to upgrade RVTs to 2017?  (Boost Your BIM)

Revit 2017: Depth Cueing  (CADnotes)

Revit 2017 Text Size Changes  (ideate Solutions Blog)

Bring Your Elevations to Life in Revit 2017! (ideate Solutions Blog)

Revit 2017 – Before You Upgrade a Project  (cadline BIM Blog)

Revit Railings Termination 2017  (The Revit Geeks Blog)

What’s New with You, Autodesk?  (Paradigm Shift)

Revit 2017 Install Take 2 – Using Physical Media   (Part 1) (RevitCat)

This a useful post if you were an early down loader of Revit 2017, in some early versions all the templates and families had to be updated to 2017. Check out the fix in this post from the IMAGINiT Support Blog.

Revit 2017 templates, families and libraries needs to update

Autodesk 2017 Deployment is missing Revit content

Now for a Top 10 list of best new features for Revit 2017, this list comes from Hagerman Blog.

Autodesk Revit 2017: What’s New

If you haven’t yet got enough of the New Revit 2017 features, here is one more post, this one from the AUGI Library and Jay Zallan (its worth the read just for the opening Dad Joke)

Features, Fixes, and Enhancements



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