Podcasts and Vodcasts for AEC & BIM

This will be my ongoing list of the interesting Podcasts and Vodcasts I find that deal with AEC and BIM…….enjoy!

  • BIMthoughts
    • BIMThoughts is a podcast about BIM technology and techniques.  BIMThoughts produces two different episode formats, a panel discussion, and interview. In our panel discussions, we dive deep into a topic related to BIM, Revit, AutoCAD, Navisworks or something different. During our interview episodes, we interview top BIM professionals. We learn what makes them tick and their views on BIM, Revit, and the AEC industry. Hosted by Bill Debevc, Kristina Gardenhire, and Charlie Williams. Some of the past hosts & co-hosts: Carla Edwards, Marcello Sgambelluri and Aubrey Frederick.
  • BluePrints
    • Another fine podcast from the Shared Coordinates Podcast Network. This one is where AEC pros learn on the go! It’s a podcast sharing ideas and knowledge about the AEC industry.  – Featuring Bill Debevc, Carol Hagen and Carl Storms.
  • ConTechCrew
    •  JBKnowledge CEO James Benham, ConAppGuru  Rob McKinney, and BIM Consultant Josh Bone discuss all things construction tech including hardware, software, devices, apps and the strategies for applying them on construction projects.
  • Designalyze
    • On Designalyze, we analyze what makes thought leaders in design technology tick through informative, insightful, and often humorous interviews. Designalyze is hosted by Zach Downey and Brian Ringley and recorded in DUMBO, Brooklyn. For design technology tutorials and content visit us at designalyze.com.
  • CADThoughts
    • CADThoughts is a podcast about the past, present, and future of CAD. KaDe King and Bill Debevc talk about their experiences with CAD and the industry around CAD. Hosted by Bill Debevc, and KaDe King.
    • CONSTRUCTRR exists in order to spotlight companies and give a voice to the individuals that are uniquely influencing the construction industry. CONSTRUCTRR is hosted by Brittanie Campbell-Turner.