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Weekly Roundup – 2016.17


The week that was in the world of BIM –  for the week of April 24th, 2016 – April 30th, 2016.

Lets start this weeks Roundup off  with a post from Jason over at RVIT, and I 100% agree with him on this, please print in colour! (or Color for my American Friends)

It’s Time For Color Construction Documents

Last week we got Revit 2017, this week we got Dynamo 1.0.0! (Dynamo Blog)

Dynamo 1.0.0 Release

API changes in the upcoming Dynamo 1.0.0 release

Incoming Bug fixes for Dynamo 1.0.0

This next post talks about parking content and even has a guest contributor, check it out over at the landarchBIM Blog.

Parking Content (feat. Aaron Maller)

Ever wonder what $300 will get you in the Revit worls theses days……..well Jeff from The Revit Kid just might have your answer.

My $300 “Revit Server”

Lets check out what goodies Luke has for us this week over at What Revit Wants.

Free Revit Families and Sample Downloads from What Revit Wants

Big News: Case Apps release code as open source on github!

Dynamo 1.0.0 Stable Build Now Available

Another great weekly contributor to the world of BIM Blog posts, Steve from Revit OpEd, and this week is no different.

Revit MEP – Wire Size AWG vs MM

Multi-Segment Grid and Crop Boundary Interaction

Controlling a Solid Form with a Visible Parameter

Some food for thought from the Andekan Blog about Revit Families.

Clearances in Revit: Worthy of Their Own Subcategory?

What hot new tracks “Dropped” this week for AEC/BIM Podcasts?


Episode 51 – Which application designed this building?     (The Architech Show)

Episode 1.14 – Construction Tech News and Jonathan Widney the president of Solibri      (ConTechTrio)

If you missed last weeks Podcast from the ConTechTrio, check out this recap from the ConAppGuru Blog.

The ConTechTrio Podcast 1.13 (Builtworlds) RECAP

Revit 2017 came out officially last week, and there are still lots of new post about the good, the bad, and everything in between.

Revit 2017 – View Range Keyboard Shortcut  (Revit OpEd)

Elevation Depth Cueing in Revit 2017  (RevitCat)

Room Editor – First Revit 2017 Addin Migration  (The Building Coder)

Autodesk Unveils 2017 Products for Building and Civil Infrastructure Industries  (TheBIMhub)

Variable Rebar Distribution in Revit 2017  (BIM and Beam)

Revit 2017 – Text Element Error Message  (Revit OpEd)

Good Things and Not So Good Things About Revit 2017  (What Revit Wants)

Revit 2017 – Associate Family Parameter Tool Tip  (Revit OpEd)

FYI: Some changes to installations in Autodesk 2017 products.  (CAD Group)

Revit 2017 – Align Padlock and Wall Core Centerline (Revit OpEd)

Revit 2017 Tags  (The Revit Geeks Blog)

Time to take a look at all the news from the world of RTC this week, from the RTC News Blog.

I Finally Found A Reason To Buy A 3D Printer!

Building Content Summit NA 2016- Whats in the Program for the event?

Speaker Sponsor Spotlight

RTC EUR 2016 Sneak Peek – New speakers

T Minus Two Weeks!!

If you are in the Construction space and aren’t a CEO then this recap will be hand for you (will also be handy if you are a CEO and couldn’t make it). (ConAppGuru)

Builtworlds CEO Tech Forum 2016 RECAP

You know what they say, there is always a calm before the storm……does (or should) this apply to making the move to BIM? See what Kelly Cone has to say in this post from LinkedIn.

The Calm Before the Storm…

If you haven’t seen the new AEC Hub from Autodesk, check out this post from The BIM Jedi.

AEC Content HUB

If you are using A360 team his is a handy workaround from The Revit Saver.

A360 Team PDF Markup Workaround

Every now and then it’s good to go back to our ACAD roots, and in this post the topic is CSI………(CADproTips)

The AutoCAD Layer Translator

After some ACAD time, lets shift gears and talk about the new release of Bluebeam, check it out over at Jarod Schultz Blog.

Bluebeam 2016.1 Released

Here is the 2nd part to the Dynamo and MEP post by BIM 42.

Using Dynamo for MEP Design – Part 2  (Part 1)

Its always good to “enlighten” or open the eyes of the youth looking to join the AEC workforce, which is what the BIM Freak is doing in her latest post.

VCC presentation prep has opened my eyes to a new topic along the path to Open BIM

This was a good week for CAD PANACEA with 3 posts.

Removing InfoCenter from AutoCAD 2017

BIM Forum – Minneapolis 2016

Printing color in AutoCAD with monochrome plot styles

if you have been wondering where are the FM folks are, check out this list from the Mistress of Dorkness.

FM in Social Media

Speaking of learning, here is the latest installment of the BIM Periodic Table  from NBS.

Introducing the Periodic Table of BIM

If you are outside of the UK you may not have been watching all the BIM level 2 fun, either way this is a good ready about BIM level 2 from the BIM 360 Blog.

The BIM Level 2 Toolkit: Your Path to Compliance

Who doesn’t like a little Q&A now and then, this round is from the IMAGINiT Support Blog.

Q&A Session for Autodesk Licensing Options with IMAGINiT

Here is a helpful post from Applying Technology to Architecture about Revit and Masking Regions.

Masking Regions in Revit Projects

Over at The Revit Geeks Blog Brian found an issue with using railing supports in Revit.

Revit Railing Support Bug

Just in case you missed it the AU Call for Proposals opened this week, check out this post from CAD Blog News.

Autodesk University 2016 Call For Proposals

After a week off, here are the latest post from the Dynamo Nodes Blog, where yo learn all about Dynamo Nodes.

Workflow: Analysis of Evacuation Path Model Lines

Workflow: Building Masses from .OSM Files


Now for something more on the Tech side, check out this review of the Lenovo ThinkPad P70. I won the smaller brother (in size only) P50 to the P70 at AU last year and it is awesome! (Design & Motion).

ThinkPad P70 – Power of a Tower, Now on the Move

I will end this weeks Roundup with a little Revit Humour, or maybe I should say a laugh at Revit’s expense.



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