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User Groups & BIM Links

I will use this page as a collection point for all the Revit/BIM user groups that I know of, as well as other useful BIM related links. I know that I have found the local BIM user groups here in Alberta to be very helpful for learning new things, as well as great for networking.

User Groups


cBIMc – Calgary BIM Community

DoC – Dynamaniacs of Calgary

eBIMc – Edmonton BIM Community

DoE – Dynamaniacs of Edmonton

BIMbc – Vancouver and Victoria BIM user groups

GORUG – Greater Ottawa Revit User Group

orug – Ontario Revit Users Group

BIM Quebec

tBIMc – Toronto BIM Community


wBIMc – Winnipeg BIM Community

TDUG – Toronto Dynamo User Group

United States of America

pdxRUG – Portland Revit Users group

SeaRUG – Seattle Revit User Group

nycRUG – New York City Revit User Group

STLRUG – St. Louis Revit Users Group

SERUG – Sioux Empire Revit Users Group

KCRUG – Kansas City Revit Users Group

RUGDM – Des Moines Revit User Group

LARUG – LA Revit Users Group

DARUG – SoCal – Dynamo & API Revit Users Group – SoCal

RoMBIS – Rocky Mountain Building Information Society

NEORUG – North East Ohio Revit User Group

RevitDC – Washington DC Revit User Group

RevitRVA – Richmond VA Revit User Group

C-ville RUG – Charlottesville Revit User Group

Hampton Roads Revit User Group

NJ-RUG – New Jersey Revit User Group

Boston RUG – Boston Revit Users Group

BIMMeet (formally HARUG – Houston Area Revit User Group)

Seattle DUG – Seattle Dynamo User Group

PDUG – Philadelphia Dynamo User Group

chiRUG – Chicago Revit User Group

505 BIM User’s Group

DynamoDC – Washington DC Dynamo User Group


MRUG – Manchester Revit User Group

LRUG – London Revit User Group


MELBIM – Melboure BIM User Group

SCDG – Sydney Computational Design Group

BIM Links

BuildingSMART Canada

Canada BIM Council (canBIM)

Institute for BIM in Canada (IBC)

Alberta Centre of Excellence for Building Information Modelling (aceBIM)

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