YouTube Channels

YouTube Channels AEC & BIM

This will be my ongoing list of the interesting YouTube channels and vodcasts and I find that deal with AEC and BIM…….enjoy!

  • Revit Pure – Revit Content and Vodcast
    • This YouTube channel has great Revit content from Nicolas Catellier. He has also started a Live YouTube stream called “Revit Pure Live”
  • That BIM Girl – Vodcast
    • I have founded the Youtube channel “That BIM Girl” to promote BIM and help people who are struggling with the software, hosted by Jacqueline Rohrmann
  • The Revit Kid – Revit Content and Vodcast
    • The Revit Kid (Jeffery A. Pinheiro) has been putting out amazing Revit content on his blog for many years, and he now has a great YouTube channel. He also started doing a weekly YouTube Live show called “BIM After Dark Live”