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The Podcast Roundup – Episode 089 – Sept. 15th – Sept. 21st, 2019.

The BIMsider’s favourite Podcasts, Vodcasts and Videos from the world of AEC and BIM – for the week of Sept. 15th – Sept. 21st, 2019.

I’m going to start this week’s Podcast roundup off with a new video from the SFCDI YouTube Channel with BIM Track and Topologic.

SFCDI September 2019 | BIMTrack and Topologic

2) Podcast – From The Art of Construction Podcast

Summary from the Podcast website:

“Christopher Wilocki, Director of Construction Technology at Sturgeon Electric Company, joins us on this episode 158 of Art of Construction”

3) Podcast – From the Life of an Architect Podcast

033: Taking the Architectural Registration Exam

Summary from the Podcast website:

“Since Andrew and I completed our architectural registration exams in a previous decade than the one we are currently in, we brought in someone a bit younger to assist us with today’s topic, someone who has just recently gone through the process of taking the ARE and did so well, he, along with the help of his friend and roommate at the time, Adam Denais, have worked with the Dallas Chapter AIA to implement and improve upon existing ARE “Success Teams”. Welcome back to the show, my former podcast co-conspirator, Landon Williams.”

4) Podcast – From The IoT Podcast

Episode 234: It’s M&A season for the smart home

Summary from the Podcast website:

“This week alarm company Vivint went public through a reverse merger, with the aim of becoming a leader in the smart home and security space. We discuss the transaction and what it means for the small clutch of smart home companies that have one or two successful products but an unclear exit. From there we talk about rumors of the Nest Wi-Fi/Google Assistant combo device, a smart backpack, and Facebook’s new Portal devices. Then we share more dispiriting security news, a Philips Hue product for your TV and Amazon forcing people into arbitration. We end with some news bits from AvnetGatwick airport and North. In our IoT Podcast Hotline, we answer a question about what someone can and can’t do with your biometric data.”

5) Podcast – From The ConTechCrew Podcast

The ConTechCrew 187: Where Do You Keep Your Ketchup? with Shannon Cassidy from Rhumbix

Summary from the Podcast website:

“Before you dive into this week’s episode, take a second to reflect – where do you keep your ketchup? (We promise, this information will eventually become relevant!) This week, The ConTechCrew was joined by guest Shannon Cassidy of Rhumbix. Shannon gets real with The Crew about her hands-on career in construction, diversity, and sticks around for this week’s ConTech news. Episode 187’s ConTech news topics include: WeWorkFieldWire, ImageNet roulette, updates on the Daqri shutdown and more!

6) Podcast – From the BIMrras Podcast (Spanish Language)

044 Marketing of applications for Revit with Juan Osborne

Summary from the Podcast website:

“Plugins for Revit: In this episode we interview Juan Osborne , architect and application developer for Revit, to try to know what leads an architect to get into the world of programming and how he ends up selling his own applications in the application store of Autodesk .”

7) Podcast – From the Digital Transition Podcast

EPISODE 16: Accessible but Secure BIM with Nathan Jones

Summary from the Podcast website:

“In this episode, I talk to Nathan Jones from Turner and Townsend about the challenges that BIM brings in providing a secure but accessible solution for asset information. When commencing a project where you want to specify BIM deliverables the security of the information also needs to be seriously considered.” 

8) Video – From the IMAGINiT YouTube Channel

Clarity and Power BI

Summary from the YouTube Channel:

“Combine the strength of IMAGINiT Clarity with Power BI to gain more in-depth metrics of your Revit Project. Learn how to set up the integration and gain valuable insights into model health, Autodesk Revit Performance, and a variety of Revit project data.”


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