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The Podcast Roundup – Episode 057 – Jan. 27th – Feb. 2nd, 2019.

The BIMsider’s favourite Podcasts, Vodcasts and Videos from the world of AEC and BIM –  for the week of Jan. 27th – Feb. 2nd, 2019.

I’m going to start this week’s Roundup off with a new episode from Bill, Carol and Carl over at the BluePrints Podcast.


2) Podcast – From the BIMRras Podcast (Spanish Langauge)

029 FAQ 2 Answers to frequently asked questions about BIM

Summary from the Podcast website:

“We continue answering the most frequent questions that come to the BIMrras email. Because if you are starting with BIM, surely one of them will have crossed your mind, and if you are already a veteran, it never hurts to check all the way you have walked and how you would respond to these doubts today.”

3) Podcast – From the Getting Simple Podcast.

Antonio García Guerra — A Holistic Approach to Yourself

Summary from the Podcast website:

“Antonio García Guerra on the importance of physical activity, social time, and information to be more creative and perform at your maximum cognitive capacity. We also talk making smart drugs, genetic engineering, mindfulness, deep work, and much more.”

4) Podcast – From The ConTechCrew

The ConTechCrew 154: Live from MCAA Tech 2019 “The Whiskey Episode” with Jonathan Marsh from WM T Spaeder

Summary from the Podcast website:

“This week’s construction tech news with James Benham (@JamesMBenham), Jeff Sample (@IronmanofIT) and Josh Bone (@BIM2theBone) Featuring: Interview with Jonathan Marsh (@ErieForage) from William T. Spaeder” 

5) Video – From the B1M YouTube Channel.

Continents Rising: The Tallest Skyscrapers Under Construction | The B1M

6) Podcast – From The Constructorr Podcast

How Blockchain Can Accelerate the Adoption of Integrated Project Delivery

Summary from the Podcast website:

At the 20th annual LCI Congress, James Pease and Brittanie Campbell-Turner present on the topic of “How to Increase Adoption of the IPD Model by Using Blockchain.” In this presentation, James and I talked about how it’s unquestionably the future to incorporate blockchain and smart contracts with construction contracting. In this presentation, we focus on integrated project delivery contracting although blockchain can impact/streamline any contracting model pending the algorithms are built correctly. James and I decided to focus IPD specifically because of the similarities of transparency contracting with both IPD and a distributed ledger technology.”

7) Podcast – From The IoT Podcast

Episode 201: Bluetooth gets better and more smart lights

Summary from the Podcast website:

“The Bluetooth Special Interest Group has released new standards that improve location tracking, so we talk about Kevin’s hopes for that and save the bigger details for our guest segment. We’ve got two new smart lighting products. The first is from Casper —yes the mattress company — and the second is from a startup called Orro. From there we focus on a creepy new lamp, tech giants getting into the utility business and a new energy harvesting method. Plus, Japan is hacking its citizens’ devicesAmazon offers hosting, and here’s a tip sheet on what to look for in smart apartments from an infosec writer whose apartment is about to be made smart. We also answer a question about which Z-wave hub he should buy.”

8) Vodcast – From the BIM Broadcast YouTube Channel.

Shawn Introduces a new series with BIMBOX about Hardware (20190201)

Summary from the YouTube Channel:

“Shawn from CTC Software is joined by Buck and Anthony from BIMBOX. We are introducing a new series on Hardware to talk about why Hardware affects the BIM workflow so much. We will dig deep into details you the listener ask about to answer all of your pressing questions.”

9) Vodcast – From the Dynamo Chicago YouTube Channel.

Regular Bi-Monthly Meeting of the ChiNamo – at Clayco with Ryan Taube!

Summary from the YouTube Channel:

“Topic: Efficiently Building the Right Tool for the Job This month we will dive into some basic examples of how Dynamo is helping extend the use of BIM into the disciplines of Landscape Architecture and Advanced Strategies (space planning). We will focus primarily on the new Dictionary node that was recently added in Dynamo 2.0 and how it allows us easily generate massing blocks and landscape elements that are filled with content. We will also explore some lessons learned on problem solving in Dynamo by exploring how to create the Dynamo logo, within Dynamo itself. Hopefully everyone can come away with some simple ideas on how to efficiently construct a Dynamo workflow.”

10) Video – From Sean Fruin’s YouTube Channel.

Placing Pipe Sleeve At Wall Penetrations

Summary from the YouTube Channel:

“The biggest obstacle in the automation of AEC workflow is the lack of standards. A recent example of this problem came up when automating the sleeve placement for pipe penetrations. You never really know what wall types are in the model you receive. A little UI is a handy semiautomated workflow.”

Bonus) Vodcast – From That BIM Girl YouTube Channel

AWESOME POWERPOINT TIPS – For architects (and everyone else, too)

Until next week,


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