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The Podcast Roundup – Episode 014 – Apr. 1st – Apr. 7th, 2018.

The BIMsider’s favourite Podcasts, Vodcasts and Videos from the world of AEC and BIM –  for the week of Apr. 1st – Apr. 7th, 2018.

I’m going to start this week’s Roundup off with a Vodcast from BIM Broadcast with guest Mike Engel.

Mike Engel talks iterative design with Shawn 2018.04.06

2) Podcast – From Getting Simple

Creating a Personal Narrative to Bring Your Interests Together — Art, Science, and Technology with Andrés Colubri

Summary from Podcast website:

“Hello, and welcome to The Getting Simple Podcast. In this episode, Andrés Colubri (@codeanticode) shares with us how he manages to do seemingly different things—such as art, computational biology, or open-source development—by connecting them around one overarching theme.”

3) Video – From Ryan Cameron

Dynamo NEXT S3E3 Color Slats

4) Podcast – From Brittanie of Constructrr

Developing a Viable Blockchain Implementation Plan for Real Estate

Summary from Podcast website:

“Kevin Shtofman is a digital technology evangelist at Deloitte Consulting. He promotes Blockchain, Robotics, Cognitive Automation, and Machine Learning in Real Estate.  Kevin talks about how in real estate transactions, where transferring funds from party to party could take days or weeks, can take minutes on a blockchain. He also discusses many of the pilot projects Deloitte is involved with including putting leases on smart contracts and data hub document sharing. He covers the 4 issues in Commercial Real Estate that are making blockchain more relevant today. Lastly, he talks about why the 3 real estate buckets are ripe for blockchain in real estate.”

5) Podcast – From Marcello of the Simply Complex Podcast


Summary from Podcast website:

“In this episode, Marcello is joined again by Chiara C. Rizzarda of  strategie digitali to discuss how to properly leave a BIM Role and start a new BIM company. You could also find Chiara on twitter at”

6) Video – From Sean Fruin

Dynamo Placing & Connect Fire Dampers

Summary from YouTube Channel:

“Placing & connecting Fire Dampers at Linked Model rated walls with Dynamo and Python. This has been the must awarding script I have worked on to date. Not because of what it does, rather the teamwork and now friendship that it took with Taco Pover who lives crossed the world in Netherlands. After over 40 emails and a few video chats we achieved our goal and took another step towards automation of MEP design. A few other packages were used as well. Thanks everyone who contributes to this amazing opensource community.”

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