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#BILTAsia 2018 – Singapore here I come

This year the BILT Asia conference is taking place in Singapore at the Marina Bay Sands on April 5th – 7th, 2018.

I have never been to Singapore and wasn’t sure if I would submit any abstracts for the 2018 BILT Asia event going on there. However, all of that changed last May when I attended a local user group (cBIMc) meeting here in Calgary. That night Phil Read was presenting about Enscape, we had a few minutes to chat and he told me how much fun he had just a few weeks before when he was in Singapore for BILT Asia 2017. What can I say Phil is a good salesman, I was hooked!

So when the request for abstracts opened last Septemeber I send in my submissions and waited. Fast forward to mid-December and I was lucky enough to get an email telling me that one of my abstracts had been selected!

My session info is below:

Session: Fun with FormIt Pro – A Lab to Hone Your FormIt Skills

This Lab session will focus on some of the newer features of FormIt Pro, as well as Tips and Tricks to help with your FormIt Pro Workflow.

During this session, we will create a building with FormIt Pro using the Windows app. We will also spend some time understanding the Dynamo Studio workflow within FormIt Pro for Windows, and how we can use for quick design iterations.

Learning Objectives:

  • Overview of what’s new with FormIt Pro
  • The Dynamo Studio + FormIt Pro Workflow
  • Improve your FormIt workflow
  • Discover some work-arounds for those wish-list commands that aren’t out yet

Class Length: 75 Minutes

Class Type: Hands-on Lab

Session Number: 3.1

Date: Saturday, April 7th

Time: 9:00 am – 10:15 am

Of course, there are many great speakers that will be at this years BILT Asia, Chiara Rizzarda,  Joe Banks, Kelly Cone,  and Jeremy Graham to name a few.

You can see the full Speaker line up HERE.

As well as the full Scheule of sessions HERE.

Registration is now open and can found on the BILT Asia website, or by clicking the link below

While any BILT conference is worth the trip, a chance to spend some time in this bad boy doesn’t hurt either.

Singapore here I come!


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