A Year in Review – 2018 BILT World Tour

Late in 2017, I set a goal for myself to speak at all 4 BILT events in 2018. As I look back on 2018 I’m happy to say I was able to reach my goal and speak at all 2018 BILT Conferences! I can also say that it was way more work than it seemed like it would be in Fall 2017.

While I was lucky enough to speak at all 4 BILT conferences in 2018, when I was not speaking at BILT I was kept busy with other speaking engagements throughout the year, my busiest speaking year ever!

The year started with a trip to Singapore in early April for BILT Asia 2018. This was my first time in Singapore, and also my first time on a plane for 17 hours (SFO to SIN). The conference was held at the Marina Bay Sands Hotel, which was just awesome! I had one session for BILT Asia, it was a lab on FormIt Pro I had also done for AU 2017. The lab went well, and I was honoured to be 6th on the list of Top Ten speakers for BILT Asia 2018.

Read more about my BILT Aisa experience HERE, or you can listen about it HERE. You can also get the Handout and Dataset HERE.

Next on my BILT journey was BILT ANZ 2018 in Brisbane, just 7 weeks after Singapore. This was not my first time in Australia, but it was my first trip to Brisbane and my first BILT ANZ. I had 3 sessions, a Dynamo Lab, an Instructional Demo on Apps & Add-ins, and an Industry Talk about all things BIM 360. I also competed in the Vision 20/20 competition, and while I didn’t win, I did get a LOT of Lego for coming in 2nd! I also learned on this trip down under to NOT leave your passport in your hotel safe when you change to another hotel, and another city, just before you fly to the other side of the world!!

Read more about my BILT ANZ experience HERE, & HERE or you can listen about it HERE. You can also get the Handouts and Datasets HERE.

Now for the shortest trip of my 2018 BILT ride, St Louis for BILT NA 2018. This was another busy event for me with 4 sessions for BILT NA, and another Lab for Data Day happening the day before BILT NA. My Data Day lab was the same Dynamo Lab I did for BILT ANZ. For BILT NA I had an industry Talk about IoT and sensors, I was part of a 10 person BIM All-star panel, I did a Roundtable about broken BIM, and finished it off with an Instructional demo about clash detection options. I was amazed that I made another Top 10 List for BILT 2018, this time being 3rd on the BILT NA 2018 Top 10 List. I would be remiss if I didn’t talk about the awesome Friday night event (which was on Thursday) at the City Museum, a MUST see if you are ever in St. Louis.

Listen to more about my BILT NA experience HERE. You can also get the Handouts and Datasets HERE & HERE for Data Day.

The last stop on my BILT 2018 World Tour was BILT EUR 2018 in Ljubljana Slovenia. I only had one session for BILT EUR, and it was a roundtable about BIM being broken. My session was the first session of the conference, which meant for the first time since my very first BILT (RTC at the time) event in Vancouver in 2013 I could be an attendee after the first session! The Friday night social event was a “Fun Fair” which was a really cool circus kinda theme, complete with clowns, stilt walkers, acrobats on silks, and a band that did an awesome cover of “Eye of the Tiger” with a violin and accordion! The only downside to this trip was travelling through Charles de Gaulle Airport in Pairs (just don’t do it) on the way there. Missed the connecting flight and our bags took 2 extra days to arrive in Ljubljana, but after that, it was all smooth sailing.

Listen to more about my BILT EUR experience HERE. You can also get the Handout HERE.

Now for the Year in Stats

2018 Travel Stats!

Kilometres Flew: 124,151 that’s just over 3 times around the world!

Days Travelled: 105 the equivalent to 3.5 months

Trips Taken: 21 eight for speaking and the remaining thirteen for client engagements

Cities Visited: 22 five I had never been to before, Singapore, Brisbane, Charlotte, Saint Louis and Ljubljana

Countries Visited: two I had never been to before, Singapore and Slovenia

Continents Visited: 4 one I had never been to before, Asia

2018 Speaking Stats!

Speaking Engagements: 16 different conferences, webinars, user groups, and guest lectures

Speaking Sessions: 25 sessions delivered at those 16 engagements

Unique Sessions: 20 sessions, meaning only 5 sessions were repeated during the year of the 25 total talks given

A complete list of where I have spoken can be found HERE, handouts, presentations and dataset can be found HERE

2018 Blog Stats!

Views: 16,293 (51,688 Lifetime)

Visitors: 7,950 (27,892 Lifetime)

Posts Published: 108 (385 Lifetime)

  Views by Country

2018 Podcast Stats!

Podcasts Co-hosted: 10, six episodes of The Simplex Complex Podcast (AEC Conference Edition) and four episodes of BluePrints Podcast

Podcast Guest Appearances: 1, Episode 013 of The Simplex Complex Podcast AEC Design Tech Edition.

A complete list of all my Podcast activities can be found HERE.

Until next time,


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