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The Podcast Roundup – Episode 006 – Feb. 4th – Feb. 10th, 2018.

The BIMsider’s favourite Podcasts, Vodcasts and Videos from the world of AEC and BIM –  for the week of Feb. 4th – Feb. 10th, 2018.

I’m going to start this week’s Roundup off with a new episode of the Simply Complex Podcast. with Marcello, Melissa, and guest Chad.


2) Vodcast – From BIM Broadcast.

Revit MEP Discussion with Don Rasmusson – 20180209

Summary from Vodcast website:

“Shawn and Don Rasmusson talk about Revit MEP in industry. The good, the bad and the ugly.”

3) Podcast – From Brittanie of Constructrr

Smart Cities Taking Advantage of the $1.6 trillion Opportunity

Summary from Podcast website:

Michael Lake, President & CEO of Leading Cities and I cover some of the major challenges we face in cities.  Smart Cities is a rapidly growing as a market as shown in these reports: “Smart Cities Market Will Grow $3.5 Trillion Worldwide”  and 21st Century Cities: Global Smart Cities Primer. We discuss the solutions to the problems in the form of ecosystems including sociological, economical and environmental ecosystems.

We cover how introducing blockchain use can help the smart city initiatives, and some easy steps to work with Startup companies to introduce relevant ideas that can be taken on with governments to move smart city agendas forward.”

4) Videos – From BIMedge

Busy week at BIMedge for Joe, with 5 fresh videos.

BIMedge Fast modelling sketch, dimension, adjust

BIMedge Links Unload for me

BIMedge Railings Place on Host

BIMedge Revisions Mass update sheet revisions

BIMedge Select Object to define Orbit Origin Copy

5) Podcast – From The ConTechCrew

ConTechCrew 106: Certification Management in Construction with Sean McCreanor from Assignar

Summary from Podcast website:

“This week on The ConTechCrew we visited with Sean McCreanor of Assignar! Sean spoke with The Crew on his construction company’s need for digital compliance documents as the catalyst that brought Assignar to life. The ConTechCrew also talked about the latest in technology news, including Tesla’s innovations you’ll find at your local Home Depot, new construction apps, and innovations in visualizing clash detection!” 

6) Vodcast – From the JBKnowledge YouTube Channel.

ConTech Tuesday: Taking Safety from Paper to Digital with the CCS Safety App!

Summary from Vodcast website:

” The ConTech Tuesday series is dedicated to reviewing new apps and software for the construction industry that can improve workflows and transform companies! These weeks ConTech Tuesday Vlog from The ConTechCrew focused on the use case for apps to manage safety on construction project sites. The ConAppGuru, reviewed on the CCS Safety app for use on Construction projects.”

7) Vodcast – From the AEC Bar

AEC Bar Volume #29 – Create 3D models from As-Built Points

Summary from Vodcast website:

“Welcome to Autodesk AEC Bar, a place for all things Architecture, Engineering and Construction. We’ll discuss tips, tricks, industry trends, process and technology. For more information on Point Layout go to

8) Video – From the John Pierson YouTube Channel

Hide Revit Categories in All Views with DynamoBIM

Summary from YouTube Channel:

“This video shows a process to hide categories in all given views.”

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