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Where are my Revit 2016 Subscription Add-ins?

So like many of you out there in Internet land I’ve been looking for, and waiting for some of the 2016 versions of the Revit Subscription Add-ins I’ve come accustom to getting every year when the new version comes out.

Well it seems this year Autodesk has made some changes to how (and when) these will be released. A couple are up on exchange apps site now for download (not they don’t’say 2016 but they are)

Here are some more 2016 apps now available on the exchange app, not needing a subscription to get.

Some of the subscription apps are now part of the Revit Extensions Package for 2016, this was deliver directly via the Application Manager.


The following subscription apps are now part of the extension download for 2016:

  • Timber Framing 2016
  • Frame Generator 2016
  • Grid Generator 2016
  • Excel Based Model Generation 2016
  • Composite Design 2016


These ones listed below are still not available anywhere that can find (for 2016).

  • Batch Print
  • Revit Model Revit
  • eTransmit
  • DB Link
  • Worksharing Monitor

What Revit Wants has also done a couple posts on this subject, you should check those out too.

Where can I get Revit 2016 Subscriber Only Apps and Addins, like the Space Naming Utility?

Looking for Revit Extensions for Revit 2016? Check your Application Manager….

Hopefully Autodesk will release them soon, or at least give us an idea of when they might be out.


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