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Weekly Roundup – 2015.27


The week that was in the world of BIM and other Techie fun stuff, for the week of July 5th  – July 11th, 2015.

Let start this weeks Roundup off with a post about BIM, Time, and the Owners perspective, from ownersnbim.

Luxury of Time

This next post is from What Revit Wants, and it sings the praises of some pretty awesome Podcast!

Podcasts for BIM and the Built Environment

The ConAppGuru has a new app review out this week for FieldLens, check it out over at his blog.

FeildLens App Review

New this week from BIMThoughts is a Podcast with Anthony Hauck of Autodesk.

S2E4 Anthony Hauck

There is also a new Podcast out this week from Designalyze with their guest Nathan Miller.

Episode 009 – Nathan Miller

Here is your weekly fill of all the RTC news you can handle direct from the RTC News Blog.

RTC ASIA 2015: Registration Now Open!

BCS Hackathon!

Get Ready, Get Dressed…Go!

BHAD vs The Cause

Why should I?

Revit standards analytics

Updated RTC App

Speaker Profile with Dan Stine: No End In Sight for New Topics

What’s new in the world for A360 and the Android app, find out at the A360 Blog.

New on A360 Android: Contextual actions

Do you see a BIMWally? learn more in this post from ThinkBIM.

Where’s the BIMWally? MelBIM helights video posted.

How to remove your editing request, from Revit OpEd.

Withdraw your Editing Requests

Is your BIM healthy? If you don’t know that answer maybe you need to run a BIM Health Check. If you don’t know what that is check out this post from the BIMhub.

BIM health check

This next post is pretty cool if you have ever wanted to array something in the X,Y & Z in Revit. (Hagerman & Company Blog)

Revit can now array objects in X,Y,and Z!!! (With a little help from Dynamo)

Ever wanted to add images to your schedule in Revit, here’s how from IMAGINiT Support Blog.

Revit 2015-2016 Images in Schedules

This could be a handy post for your next stair in Revit, from cadline blog.

Revit 2015 – Adding a railing Mid-Way on the a stair flight

Now time for a couple of Revit tips, the first comes from the BIMBlog.

Technical Tip Tuesday: When the Revit Application Menu is Slowing You Down

The next tip comes from BIMmuse, as part of their BIM Essentials series.

BIM Essentials Tip #2: Override View Templates

Here are a couple more post from What Revit Wants.

123D Apps now Available for Windows Phones and Tablets

Visibility Override for Specific Tag Type

How will or can collaboration build a new AEC Industry? Find out in this guest post from Allan Partridge on the A360 Blog.

Guest Blog: How Collaboration Technology Can Build a New Kind of AEC Industry

Here is a post for all you Mac fans that work in construction, from ConAppGuru.

Productivity Apps for the Mac

Read about the the thriving AEC scene in London in this post from Extranet Evolution.

Fostering innovation: Cognicity and hackathons

Get your learn on with this 5 part series of 2 minute videos from the FormIt 360 Blog.

2 Minute FormIt snippets – 01 – Line drawing and snapping

2 Minute FormIt snippets – 02 – Line drawing and snapping on faces

2 Minute FormIt snippets – 03 – Line drawing with parallel and perpendicular axes

2 Minute FormIt snippets – 04 and 05 Drag face, edge, and vertex

Now for some Dynamo Love from archi-lab to help you print PDFs in Revit.

Print PDFs w/Dynamo

I’m not a Grasshopper guy, but for those of you that are you will be happy to hear about a updated version of LunchBox is out, check out  Proving Ground Blog.

LunchBox for Grasshopper Returns!

The July issue of AUGI world is now out.

AUGIWorld July 2015

Check out the latest on Family Matters…..and I’m not taking about Urkel. (Cn3D Construction’s Blog)

Family Matters – the importance of clearances and boundaries

Have you been wondering about IFCs and  if they are right for you and your businesses? If so check out this psot form What Revit Wants.

IFC Resource for Download: “Making IFC Work For Your Business”

Now a little something for the MEP peeps out there, from the IMAGINiT Building Solutions Blog.

Revit Electrical Settings: Circuit Sequencing

Here is another post from IMAGINiT Building Solutions Blog, this time for the AEC Peeps.

How to show a roof overhang in a plan view with Revit (See BIMsider post here)

Now for the weekly gathering of construction goodies form the ConAppGuru.

The Guru’s Gathering: A Collection of Blogs for Construction July 10. 2015

Here is a quick tip from RVIT about DWG links.

Quick Tip – DWG Link Foreground vs Background

If you are just starting out with Revit, then hear are some fundamental tips form Parametric Monkey.

Revit Fundamentals 101

Here is one last post from All things Revit, Dynamo and Python before they are off for summer vacation!

Dynamo 0.8.1 released, Summer vacation next

If you have time on July 15th you should check out this webcast from Beyond Design.

Upcoming Webcast: Winning more work without going over budget

This next post is awesome I’ve been waiting for this update from BIM 42 on his Align Tag Add-in.

Align Tags Update (This is one of the Add-ins in my RTCNA 2015 Class 25 Apps & Add-ins for Revit and the Revit Workflow)

Time for some more MEP love with this neat Dynamo post from BIM Toolbox.

Automated diffuser placement in early stage MEP Design

If you are planing on going to the RTC ASIA Event, then all you need to know is in this post from BIM Troublemaker.

RTC ASIA 2015 – Event Schedule and Costs Announced

If you are looking for more Solar Analysis power in Revit check out this post from Building Performance Analysis.

Updated: Solar Analysis for Revit

This last week Autodesk had the first meeting of its new AEC Blogger Council and a couple of the regulars from my Weekly Round have been asked to be part of it which is awesome for them!

Autodesk AEC Blogger Council Kick off @autodeskaec #AECbloggers (BIM Freak)

AEC Blogger Council (CAD PANACEA)

While we are talking about CAD PANACEA here is another post from them for the ACAD folks just starting out.

AutoCAD Block 101 – Part 1

This next post is a little different, just like the company, case,  that posted (both in a good way).

Data for Indoor Positioning

What to free your mind and maybe your wallet, then check out this (rescheduled) free event – get more info in this post from Fear and Loathing In a Cad vs. BIM World.

Free (Your Mind) | AEC-ST Virtual Expo 2015

have you been having an issue with your Revit 2016 hanging up on you? Well this post from IMAGINiT Support Blog might help.

Revit 2016: Hangs when opening the software

Here is another in a series about Revit 2016 performance from Inside the Factory.

Revit 2016 | Project performance – Part 6 (Part 1, 2, 3, 4, 5)

Here is a post from last week I missed about the release for Dynamo 0.8.1 from Punto Revit (Revit point).

Dynamo 0.8.1 is out!

Here is another great post that i missed somehow from last week from Shades of Grey about Revit content.

Face Off

Here is a link to all the Revit Add-ins that are new or updated this week from Revit Add-ons.

Roundup – New and Updated Revit Add-ins on Autodesk Exchange Apps for Week of 7/5/2015

Ever have to deal with some tricky keyplans, well this post from might help next time.

Using Integers for Tricky Titleblocks

here is a post from sixtysecondrevit about his updated Dynamo package Rhythm.

Some Help in Revit with Rhythm

I’m going to end this weeks Roundup with a Techie post, one that tries to answer the age old question……..What do you need in the perfect laptop? Find out what the people at Laptop Mag think.

The Perfect laptop? Here’s What It Should Have


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