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Weekly Roundup – 2015.28


The week that was in the world of BIM and other Techie fun stuff, for the week of July 12th  – July 18th, 2015.

Let start this weeks Roundup off with 2 new Podcasts from BIMThoughts, this time on BIM Execution Plans

S2E5 The BIM Project Execution Plan

S2E6 Steve Stafford

We also have a new podcast from Designalyze with Toru Hasegawa.

Episode 010 – Toru Hasegawa

Here is your weekly fill of all the RTC news you can handle direct from the RTC News Blog.

Okay Lah! It’s Mr. Brown Show!

The Secret is Out

Summer, and Building Content Summit in Europe

The Importance of Revit Certification

That’s not an Abstract…This is an Abstract!

DTS News

Every Project’s Content Rollercoater (come draw one at @RTCBCS…)

This next post is about a printing bug in Revit, and a workaround from Phil-osophy in BIM.

Print Bug

Here is a post from ConAppGuru about the Construction Tech Roadshow (much more fun than the Antiques Roadshow).

The Construction Tech Roadshow Report (AGC California)

If you are looking to learn some high end visualization techniques with Revit you need to check out the Revit Kid. The blog post below is a great example of the awesome things he cane do.

Revit Tutorial – Creating Exploded Axons (Advanced Displaced View Techniques)

If you have been looking for some online Dynamo training beyond the free material on the Dynamo website, your wai tis over. Check out this post on Simply Complex about the new offering from CADLearning.

Finally! DynamoBIM training is Online at CADLearning

Here is another post about this Dynamo training, this time from CADLearning Blog.

RTC North America 2015, Dynamo and Programming Revit MEP

Here are a couple of posts from What Revit Wants one about excel and one about rooms schedule issues.

Diagnosing Room Not Placed or Unenclosed Problems in Revit

Automatically Import Data From Multiple Excel Files into One Worksheet With Power Query

Here is a post from architosh about the Autodesk app Building Ops.

Autodesk Building Ops is new iPhone based app for building operations

Here is another post about Building Ops, this time form In The Fold.

Autodesk Releases Building Ops Maintenance and Asset Management App

Here is a post from AUGI Library about moving from ACAD to Revit.

Real Life Perspective: Transitioning from AutoCAD to Revit Part 2 (Part 1 here)

Here are a couple of post to file under tips & tricks from BIMscape.

Revit: Where’s my camera gone?

Revit: Understanding Model and Annotation Crop Regions

Keeping with the Tip theme here is a Tuesday Tech Tip from the BIMBlog.

Technical Tip Tuesday: Analytical Boundary Errors

If you have been wondering should I use the Web or mobile version of A360, then this post from A360 Blog might just help you out.

The A360 experience: Web vs Mobile

Would you like to become BIM certified in Canada? The check out this post from the BIM Jedi about the CanBIM BIM Certification.

Becoming BIM Certified 

Keeping with the BIM Jedi, check out this post on a C4R crash.

Collaboration for Revit Crash

Here is an interesting read from the AECBytes Blog.

Delivering on the Promise of BIM

The latest release of IMAGINiT’s Scan to BIM (2016) is now out, learn more in the post form Tenlinks.

IMAGINiT Re lases Scan to BIM 2016

Here is a post for the MEP folks out there from The Architect’s Desktop.

Revit: MEP Copy-Monitor with System Tab off

Ellipses anyone? Check out these two post from Revit Swat.


Islamic Ellipses

Keeping with the group posts, here are a few more posts from What Revit Wants, with some help from Aaron Maller.

Using ModelSTA to Check for Revit Model Problems

Free Revit Door Families…..

Here is the weekly gatherings from the ConAppGuru.

The Guru’s Gathering: A Collection of Blogs for Construction July 17, 2015.

If you use or have used ASCENT courseware in your job, as I do, then this post might be interesting to you especially if you teach Revit MEP. (ASCENT Blog)

Updates to Autodesk Revit 2016 MEP training Guide

BIM, Photos, 3D, and Site Logistics…….find out more at BIM Toolbox.

Site logistics with BIM and Photos?

Here is some Dynamo love for you first time Dynamoers out there from harriet elderd.

My First Dynamo

From Dynamo we jump to a ACAD tip (with video) from the Queen of ACAD herself Lynn Allen (and her blog).

Embed an Image File into AutoCAD

No click-bait here from Revit.Com.AU just the goods.

One Simple Trick To Print Filled Regions in Vector

If you are going to RTCNA  next week, here is a sneak peek at one of Marcello Sgambelluri’s classes (Simply Complex)

RTCNA 2015 Class “New Rotation Methods in Revit for 2D detail components and 3D Families” Topics

Here is another sneak peek at an RTCNA class for next week, this time from John Pierson of sixtysecondrevit.

RTCNA 2015 CLass ‘Implementing a Building Performance Optimization Workflow” aka iBPOW!

Here is a good article about BIM/VDC and education by Nathan Miller that was posted on Building Design + Constrcution

BIM/VDC training is more that just learning the features

Here are a couple of useful post from Applying Technology to Architecture

Create a Sanitary to Vent System Transition in Revit – 2nd Method

Revit keyboard Shortcut List

once again another great post from the RevitCat, I always enjoy his posts.

Unable to Create Form Elements in Revit Massing Environment

I’m going to end this weeks Roundup with another computer hardware post. Its similar to last week, but this time its about desktop toys, from the BOXX Blog.

Summer 2015 Workstation Hardware Guide


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