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Weekly Roundup – Special Edition – What’s New in Revit 2021

This is a Special Edition of the Weekly Roundup, focused solely on What’s New with Revit 2021


It’s that time of year again, the latest version of Revit has launched: Revit 2021. It has been a few weeks since the April 8th, 2020 launch date and there have been lots of posts about what’s new. This will be your one-stop location for all the posts, podcasts and videos about the good, bad and ugly for Revit 2021 from all your favourite BIM friends!

As you might you might imagine with a mature product like Revit (turned 20 on April 5th, 2020) that the “WOW” features in new releases would start to be fewer and further between. While this is true with Revit, luckily it’s nowhere near the lack of new features as Navisworks… but that’s for a different blog.

There are some cool features that came out with Revit 2021, and here are my quick look top 3

1 ) PDF & Image Linking, maybe not as “sexy” as slanted walls or generative design but super practical.

2) The Inclusion of Dynamo 2.5 as the OOTB Dynamo version in Revit 2021.

3) Tag rotation with elements – Finally we can have door tags rotated on the same angle as our doors.

Of course, there was the introduction of many other features in Revit 2021, for all those and more enjoy the posts, podcasts, videos and even tweets below.

Blog Posts

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Revit 2021 – What’s new in structures   (Revit Structure Blog)

Top 10 Best New Features in Revit 2021  (Revit Pure)

Revit 2021 Electrical enhancements  (The Revit Blog)

Generative Design in Revit now available  (The Revit Blog)

Revit 2021 Worksharing improvements for MEP  (The Revit Blog)

What’s New in Revit 2021  (AECbytes)

Revit 2021 – See What’s New in my Annual AECbytes Article  (BIM Chapters)

My New Autodesk 2021 Books  (BIM Chapters)

Generative Design In Revit 2021 – Reference Material   (BIM Chapters)

Revit 2021 – What’s New   (Between the Lines)

Revit Public Roadmap Update – April 2020  (The Revit Blog)

Have you tried? Real-time realistic views in Revit 2021  (The Revit Blog)

Revit Lookup install for Revit 2021 & using Advanced Installer for easy MSI generation   (Boost Your BIM)

Revit 2021 Cloud Model API  (The Building Coder)

What’s New in the Revit 2021 API    (The Building Coder)

Revit 2021 Unit Types in Family Type Catalogues  (The Building Coder)

2021 New Releases   (The Blast by CADLearning)

Revit 2021: What’s New in Autodesk Revit 2021   (BIMsmith Blog)

The Yop 10 of Revit 2021   (MG AEC Blog)


What’s New in Revit 2021 – part 1: General Enhancements   (CAD Notes)

What’s New in Revit 2021 – part 2: Architecture  (CAD Notes)

What’s New in Revit 2021 – Part 3: Structure  (CAD Notes)

[Tip]: Installing local content for Autodesk Revit 2021   (Village BIM – French Language)

[New] Autodesk Revit 2021 – Sloping walls  (Village BIM – French Language)

Dynamo Core 2.5 Release   (Dynamo Blog) 2.5 for Revit comes standard with Revit 2021

Introducing FormIt 2021   (FormIt Blog)

New Visualisation Tools in Revit 2021   (cadline community – BIM)

Revit 2021 Installation Recommendations  (cadline community – BIM)

Revit 2021 – Find and place families quickly with Revit’s Search function  (cadline community – BIM)

Revit 2021 – New Scheduling Features  (cadline community – BIM)

Revit 2021 – Path of Travel Enhancements  (cadline community – BIM)


E2006 – WHAT’S NEW IN REVIT 2021   (BIMThoughts Podcast)

BWB Episode 24 – Revit 2021 and 75Hard Challenge   (Brewing with BIM)


What’s New in Revit 2021 Playlist   34 short videos (Autodesk Building Solutions YouTube Channel)

Revit 2021 – What’s new?    (Aussie BIM Guru

Revit 2021 – New Features!   (Balkan Architect)

Webinaire BIM One: Revit 2021 – Revue des nouvelles fonctionnalités pour l’architecture   (BIM One YouTube Channel)

Revit 2021 Overview: Top New Features for Architects   (BIMsmith YouTube Channel)

Revit 2021: Exploring Top New Features – Slanted Walls, Linking PDFs, and Path of Travel  (BIMsmith YouTube Channel)

We Can’t Forget #Revit2021 Tweets!

Until next year…


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