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Remember when we all called it AEC….

This is a re-post of a Blog I did for work, which is posted on the IMAGINiT Building Solutions Blog here.

If you work in the Architecture, Engineering and Construction industry then you are very familiar with the acronym “AEC” which stands for Architecture, Engineering and Construction. However those simple days of just one simple acronym seem to have passed us by. Now that we are living in a BIM world and collaboration is on everyone’s mind there have been some new acronyms going around that are trying to be more inclusive. I think the idea is that with BIM and the ability to have models be useful beyond just construction and continues being used for facilities management (or building operations) that “AEC” was not enough to get the point across anymore.

So now comes the onslaught of new (and longer) acronyms:

AECO” = Architecture, Engineering, Construction and Owners

This seems to be a natural progression from the old AEC. Perhaps the 2nd “O” is not really needed as the operators will be agents of the owner anyway?

AECOO” = Architecture, Engineering, Construction, Owners and Operators

This one likes to make sure all parties are accounted for and does include the 2nd “O”. However I find saying “A-E-C-O-O” a bit of a mouthful, I find it rolls off the tongue better is you say it like this “A-E-C double O”.

OAEC” = Owners, Architecture, Engineering, and Construction

This one has the “O” out front because we all know the Owners (read the money) come first!

Now I’m sure there are more variations out there, which will only make it more confusing. It was so much easier back in the good old days when everyone just said AEC.

I say we have an Acronym Battle Royal (ABR), and in the words of the Highlander “There can be only one!”


Which team are you on?

I’m on Team #AECdoubleO



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