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Weekly Roundup – 2015.24


The week that was in the world of BIM and other Techie fun stuff, for the week of June 14th – June 20th, 2015.

I’m going start this weeks Roundup with some great news, BIMThoughts is back for Season 2! This season BIMThoughts as a new member Marcello Sgambelluri. You can hear Episode 1 of Season 2 on the BIMThoughts website or on your favorite PodCast player.

S2E1 From Trees to 1s and 0s

Speaking of Marcello, here is the latest post from his blog Simply Complex about what he is doing for RTCNA 2015.

Speaking of Podcast I have found another great one that is totally worth checking out. It’s called Designalyze and is hosted by Brian Ringley and Zach Downey ( Check out the latest one with the team at Dynamo.

Episode 006 – Dynamo Team – Matt Jezyk, Zach Kron, & Colin McCrone

Using the Analysis Model for Something Other Than Structural Analysis RTCNA 2015 Outline

This is always handy to have (even more so if you are in the UK) from Autodesk Revit Structure.

Revit 2016 Quick Reference Card

This next post is from ConAppGuru about his experience as a co-presenter at the AGC last week in Georgia.

Construction Technology Presentation at AGC Georgia Annual Convention

Here is a cool post about using Revit, Dynamo, and a CNC to fabricate a roof (in theory) from Revit beyond BIM.

Dynam(o)ite Your Design to Fabrication

Here is another quick post about Dynamo and things you can “bake” with it from What Revit Wants.

Select All Elements in Revit using List of Category Names

Here is a Twitter post (Don Rudder) and reply (Steve Stafford)from last week I missed, but thought would be worth sharing.

6-15-2015 9-43-48 AM

Here are a few more Tweets, these ones are about Dynamo (and have Videos). from Zach Kron and Ian Keough

6-15-2015 9-48-54 AM

6-15-2015 9-52-59 AM

And here is one more tweet about Dynamo, just in case you don’t know Morse Code, yup you guest it Dynamo can do that too. (Andreas Dieckmann)

6-15-2015 10-13-03 AM

This next post is about the 10 must have mobile apps fro Architects, see if you agree (arch20).

10 Mobile Apps that every Architect must have

Here is a quick Revit tip about renumbering that comes to us from RVIT.

Quick Tip – View Renumbering

If you use Revizto and you read What Revit Wants, then this post is literally money for you.

Get a Discount on your Revizto Annual Subscription

Here is what’s been going this week in the world of RTC from RTC News Blog.

WTF (What The Family!?)

RTC vs The ‘BIM!!! WOW!!!” Conference

A message from the Summit Chairman

There was no room in the Inn…..

State of the BCS!

RTC Labs

Calling all Competition Entries! 

Now for something for all the Bluebeam folks out there in blog land, from Carol’s Construction Technology Blog.

Sending PDFs to EverNote, BOX and DropBox

What is the Future of AEC, or maybe a better question should be what SHOULD the future of AEC be? Take a look at this post from BIM + Integrated Design to see their thoughts.

The Future of AEC

Here is a post from the BIM Brunch series from BIMcrunch that was shared on ThinkBIM.

From BIMbo to BIMinion: Bel gets her BIMcrunch moment.

Are you feeling a little Philosophic? Then check out this post from ArchSmarter.

What is a Brick in the Age of Big Data

Ever wonder how Augmented Reality might change Construction, with the folks at bridgit did and came up with 3 ways.

Three Ways Augmented Reality Will Improve Construction Quality

Have you ever gazed into a crystal ball and wondering why parameters are so mystifying (OK I haven’t either but that was a great lead in) well become demystified after reading this post from CAD Panacea.

Revit Parameters Demystified!

If you are just getting use to the new Autodesk Account from the old Autodesk Subscription Center, then this post from MicrosolResources Blog might be handy.

How to Locate and manage group names for product serial numbers in Autodesk Account

Wondering which BIM conference to go to this year, well then check out this post form the BIM Freak (and also check out RTC NA 2015 & RTC EUR 2015).

BIM Conferences oh my

If you or your company work with Scanning for BIM then you should drop by ThinkBIM and fill out this quick survey.

A quick scan of the scan for BIM Market

What to remove Autodesk 360, well then this is how it should be done (IMAGINiT Support Blog).

AutoCAD – How to remove Autodesk 360

Here is a neat little bit of info I didn’t know about Revit from What Revit Wants.

Special text in Revit Dialog Boxes

Here is a post from AECbytes Blog about the Autodesk AEC Summit.

Autodesk AEC Summit: 2016 Release and Upcoming Products.

If you have been working with BIM for a while now you have likely heard the term IPD (Integrated Project Delivery) as kind of the “Next Step” in the BIM process. This next post is about some of the problems with IPD, from Brent Darnell International.

The Problems with Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) and How to Overcome Them

Now back to some Revit content, this time form Revit OpEd about Detail Items in Revit.

Detail item and Reference Plane Settings

Here is a post from landarchBIM Blog about spot elevations on curved surfaces.

Spot Elevations on a Curved Surface

Have you ever installed Autodesk Software, if you have then you know that anything and everything can go wrong! To help out with your next install check out this post from Microsol Resources Blog.

Five Installation Tips for Autodesk Software

Here is this weeks edition of the Guru’s Gathering from ConAppGuru.

The Guru’s Gathering: A Collection of Blogs for Construction June 19, 2015

This is a cool post for those that use Revit and CNC’s, from The Building Coder.

CNC Direct – Export Wall Parts to DXF and SAT

This next post is from a new to me blog called Revit.COM.AU, check it out.

Taking a return trip from Revit to Excel using Dynamo

Realtime rendering for Revit using Enscape

Scope Box Synchroniser Add-in

This is an update post for the Revit Shared Parameter Viewer by RevitNetAddinWizard

Revit Shared Parameter Viewer – Build #

Here is a post by a super smart guy (not really it’s just me) over at the IMAGINiT Building Solutions Blog.

Remember when we all called it AEC….. (you can see the BIMsider re-post here)

Here is a tip via YouTube for an everyday use of Dynamo from Cesar Escalante.

6-19-2015 7-04-21 PM

Here is another everyday tip for Revit using Dynamo, this time for worksets from sixtysecondrevit.

Revit – Create Worksets with Dynamo

Here is another blog post, this time from Daniel and Autodesk AEC Software about Dynamo and worksets.

Automate the creation of worksets


Check out this new Revit Add-in from Tony Gates now in the Autodesk Exchange Apps website, that lets you see things in the model but they don’t print (plot).


6-19-2015 7-13-00 PM


Head over to The BIM Jedi for to read about and watch what happened at the CanBIM event in Toronto last week.

CanBIM YouTube

Here are a copy of post for the Revit Structural folks in the crowd from BIM and Beam.

SOFiSTiK Reinforcement Detailing 2016 Now Available on Autodesk Exchange

Structural Loads Improvements in Revit 2016

If you use Revit and want to (or already are) using a classification system like MasterFormat, Uniclass, or others then this post from BIM 42 is for you.

Revit categories and classification systems

You can now earn a badge for completing your High Performance Building Design Courses through Autodesk, learn more at the Building Performance Analysis Blog.

New badges for High Performance Building Design Courses

Here are 3 post from this weeks FormIt 360 Blog for you to check out.

FormIt Friday Episode 4: The FormIt Converter

The FormIt Glider

Top 3 features of FormIt 360

This post from It’s Alive in the Lab is about an update and fix to the installer for the Solar Analysis Add-in for Revit that is available in the Labs.

Updated installer for Solar Analysis for Revit available for download via Autodesk Labs

Its always nice to get an update about what’s going on in the AutoCAD world form Lynn Allen, and her Blog.

The Fastest Way to Set your AutoCAD Object Snaps!

For all the information on what was updated or new this week in Revit Apps check out the Revit Add-ons blog.

Roundup – New and Updated Revit Add-ins on Autodesk Exchange Apps for the Week of 6/14/2015

If you have had some trouble finding the browser download option in your Autodesk Accounts you are not along (Autodesk made some changes) learn more at Up and Ready.

Where is my browser download in Autodesk Accounts?

I’m going to end this weeks roundup with a bit of a cheeky post from Daniel and Autodesk AEC Software to help us men remember the difference between Instance parameters vs Type parameters…….click the link to find out what I mean.

Instance Parameters vs Type parameters



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