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What’s New in Revit 2016 – Hidden Gem #1 – New Door Content

This is a re-post of a Blog I did for work, which is posted on the IMAGINiT Building Solutions Blog here.

The latest version of Revit, 2016 is now out in the world and has been for a few weeks. I have come to learn about 2 little hidden gems of “New” features in Revit 2016. Now for whatever reason these hidden gems have been left off the official Autodesk information for what is new with the 2016 release. In this post I’m going to talk about one I think many Architects and Designer will love – New Door Content.

4-29-2015 11-34-00 AM

The out of the box door content for the US Imperial, US Metric, and Canada Libraries have been added to from what was available in Revit 2015 and before. In 2015 there was 32 families in the Door folder, now in 2016 in the above mentioned libraries there are now 92 families. You will also notice that now there are 3 subfolders within the Door folder, Commercial, Hardware, and Residential.

5-1-2015 3-47-33 PM

Each of the new folders has new goodies for all to enjoy!


5-1-2015 3-47-59 PM


5-1-2015 3-48-24 PM


5-1-2015 3-48-47 PM

You will also notice that many of the doors now come with Type Catalogs which means you can be selective of what size you load into your model, and be aware as some of the door families have what seems like 50 – 60 Family types (sizes).

Now what I find even more exciting that the new content is the fact that all of the doors can now have the door swings be at any angle you like. This includes the curtain wall panel doors, and the legacy or original doors (not must be 2016 content for this to work on legacy doors). You also have the ability in some doors to turn on and off the grills

5-1-2015 4-08-44 PM4-29-2015 11-32-13 AM

Another neat little thing you will find is that with some of the new door content (Residential & Commercial) when you have the detail level set to fine you will see the hardware (which is also the hardware in the new hardware folder).

5-1-2015 4-04-33 PM

One note about the Hardware content, is that is it true 3D content that is also Stand Alone Components. What this means is that it does not associate itself to the doors, and by default comes in on the level you are working on (ie the floor).

You can learn more about this new door content (as I did) from Steve Stafford’s post at Revit OpEd here and from Brian Mackey at The Revit Geeks Blog here.

You can also learn more about the new door content as well as other new 2016 features over at the IMAGINiT YouTube Channel in the video: Autodesk Revit 2016: Favorite New Features – Part 2

If you are still looking for more new features for Revit 2016 check out these videos too:

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