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RTC Roundup – Europe 2015 Edition – Top 11 Tweets

One of the things I love about RTC events is the community, and their love of Twitter. Even if you are’t at the event you feel like you’re there because of the play-by-play you get on Twitter. In honor of this I have put together my Top 11 Tweets and Twitter Threads from RTCEUR 2015.

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Quick Poll: Revit Training Courses?

If you would like to learn more about how to use Revit as it is concerned with Landscape Architecture please take 30 seconds and look at these 2 polls from landscape architecture + BIM.


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Facebook: theBIMsider


I am considering creating some more formal Revit training courses that would focus on the landscape. But before I take the plunge and start producing anything, I have two questions below, so I would really appreciate if you could take the time to respond.

Also, please share this post with anyone that you think might be interested. Thanks!

 As usual, any additional comments are welcome.

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