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Weekly Roundup – 2016.19


The week that was in the world of BIM –  for the week of May 8th, 2016 – May 14th, 2016.

Lets start this weeks Roundup off  with a new (to me) BIM blog that is very interesting as its about someone (Dan Rossiter) applying BIM to their house. Check out this week’s post (and past ones) below, all from There’s no BIM like home.

PLQ1.5 – Level of Definition

All past post in order starting with, you guest it the Prologue, after the break.


Forming a Brief

Plain Language Questions

PLQ1.1 – Model Purposes

PLQ1.2 – Data Requirements

PLQ1.3 – Information Formats

PLQ1.4 – Standards

This week saw a brand new website for ArchSmarter, check out the new digs below. Also if your not a member yet sign up to get access to the awesome ArchSmarter Toolbox (It`s free).

Introducing the New ArchSmarter

Here are a couple of post about ArchSmarter’s App’s and Marco’s from Revit Add-ons.

Catching Up with ArchSmarter (Updated – Now Includes 15 Free Macros)

ArchSmarter’s Power-Pack for Revit

No matter how you spell it we all need to do a better job at collaboration. (TangibleBIM)

[ Kuh-lab-uh-reyt ]

If you work with CAM software (like CAMduct) then you will want to see this post from The Revit Saver.

Autodesk CAMduct – Import a Flat Pattern DXF to your Database for Future Use!

Lets see what cool things we can learn from Luke over at What Revit Wants this week.

My Review of the Graitec PowerPack for Revit

My RTCAUS2016 Preview in Less Than 100 Words

How to Get Revit Enhancement Tools like eTransmit, DB Link and Batch Print

We are still getting a few posts about what’s new in Revit 2017.

New Tangency Locks in Revit 2017  (RevitCat)

Revit Lookup 2017 Installer  (Boost Your BIM)

Revit 2017 features Daylight Rendering to render a view with Sunlight  (BIM & Revit World!)

Reinforcement Connectors in Revit 2017  (BIM and Beam)

Ready to upgrade RVTs to 2017?  (Boost Your BIM)

Revit 2017: Depth Cueing  (CADnotes)

Revit 2017 Text Size Changes  (ideate Solutions Blog)

Revit 2017 – Before You Upgrade a Project  (cadline BIM Blog)

Revit Railings Termination 2017  (The Revit Geeks Blog)

What’s New with You, Autodesk?  (Paradigm Shift)

Here are the AEC/BIM Podcasts for this week, which includes a brand new Podcast from Steve and Bill called “The Revit OpEd Podcast“, check out Steve’s post about it here.

E1-HELLO WORLD!     (The Revit OpEd Podcast)

E33-KELLY CONE     (BIMThoughts)

Episode 034 – Patrik Schumacher     (Designalyze)

Episode 1.16 – Tooey Courtemanche CEO of Procoretech & Construction Tech News     (ConTechTrio)

In case you missed last weeks ConTechTrio, here is a recap by one of the trio, the ConAppGuru.

If you missed the CEO Tech Fourm 2016, here is a cool interview from the ConAppGuru Blog.

Notevault Interview from Builtworlds CEO Tech Forum 2016

This is an interesting post, actually guest cast study on The Revit Kid site this week, check it out.

V-Ray for Revit: A Case Study

Lets have some fun with Wall Openings in this post from BIM 42.

Wall Openings (again)

Here are this week offerings from Revit OpEd, always good stuff, which includes this week talk about his new podcast.

Open Sheet – Equal Rights for Panel Schedules

Revit Viewer and Worksharing

Conferences and Memory Lane – Revit View Reference

Revit Oped Podcast – Test One Two

Keyboard Shortcuts

Wish – Revit Safe Mode

This is a cool post about Dyanmo and over coming the struggle of a missing Revit Add-in (


What’s new this week in the Wonderful world of RTC, find out over at the RTC News Blog.

Speaker Sponsor Spotlight (v3)

We’re Here!

Another Round of RTC – AUS 2016!!!

Last week John posted this tweet

This week he adding some more info about the tweet on his blog, sixtysecondrevit.

Aligning #Revit Views Across Sheets with #DynamoBIM

More fun with Dynamo, this time from Lauren over at landarchBIM converting floors to slab shapes.

Convert Sloped Floors to Slab Shapes

Why not keep the Dynamo training going with this interesting post from Revit Dynamite and Ammo.

Ammo: Point Analysis with Revit and Dynamo

Dynamo and a Russian Dome…….because why not! (Punto Revit).

Russian Dome in Dynamo

Here is another post about the BIM Periodic Table, check it out over at NBS.

Periodic Table of BIM – Resources (see all the posts up to now here)

IMAGINiT released the 2017 version of Clarity this week, check out these 2 posts about it from the IMAGINiT Support Blog.

IMAGINiT Technologies Releases 2017 IMAGINiT Clarity Family of Products

Clarity Upgrade – recommended process

Wait, what was that I just tagged? find out in this post from The Revit Geeks Blog.

What Did I Tag

Looking for a little help finding filter rules in the Revit API, check out this post from Boost Your BIM.

Filter Rule data – where is it hiding?

It`s always good to have a few tricks up your sleeve for looking after your Revit Files, check what the BIM Jedi has up his sleeves.

Revit file Maintenance

The 8 Worst Things You Can Do In Revit

If you are having issues with your Revit family template files, then check out this post from the IMAGINiT Support Blog.

Default Family Template File Invalid message in Revit

More help from the IMAGINiT Support Blog, this time if you can see your C4R projects.

Collaboration for Revit – No projects show up in the A360 folder

Revit Collaboration Communicator doesn’t log in once opened

This is a new blog to me, but what this guy can do with Revit, Dynamo and “Lego” is awesome! Check it out over at While You Were Syncing.

Revit Technology Competition

After a week off, here are the new post from DynamoNodes this week.

Workflow Repost: Tekla Structural Model to Excel to Revit with Dynamo

Workflow: Deleting ‘Not Placed’ Rooms by Level

I’m going to end this week’s Roundup with a little Karaoke from Shaan over at Between the Lines.

PowerPoint Karaoke


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