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Weekly Roundup – 2016.20


The week that was in the world of BIM –  for the week of May 15th, 2016 – May 21st, 2016.

Lets start this weeks Roundup off  with a great recap of all the awesomeness that was RTCAUS 2016 last week in the land down under from Marcello on his blog Simply Complex.


 Check up the Roundup of last weeks new apps from the Revit Add-ons Blog.

Roundup – New and Updated Revit Add-ins on the Autodesk App Store for the Week of May 8, 2016

What’s Hot on Revit Add-ons for April 2016

Have you been wondering what will be new in the May 2016 update of FormIt, well wonder no more and head over to the FormIt 360 Blog.

May 2016 Update

Lets talk about Revit and meat…..okay not that type of fillets, just go to Daniel and Autodesk AEC Software and see what I mean.

Revit and Fillets

Here are the AEC/BIM podcasts for the week.

E34-INSPIRE DESIGN     (BIMThoughts)

Episode 52 – RTC Australiasia special with Nick and Marcello, pt 1     (The Architech Show)

E2-ASKING QUESTIONS     (The Revit OpEd Podcast)

Episode 035 – Erik Verboon     (Designalyze)

Episode 1.17 – Interview with Tracy_Young CEO of PlanGrid & Construction Tech News     (ConTechTrio)

If you missed last weeks ConTechTrio, check the recap from the ConAppGuru Blog.

The ConTechTrio Podcast 1.16 (Procore) RECAP

Speaking about Podcasts, here is a post from LinkedIn by Bill Debevc about the 2 podcasts he does.

Factors of Change.

Lets take a look at all the news that’s fit ot be news from the world of RTC, from the RTC News Blog.

Speaker Sponsor Spotlight (v4)

Hello DTS, Sayonara RTC Australia

Developing a Manufacturer’s Content Strategy: How I Went From Being Clueless About BIM to Joining the BCS Committee!

RTC Australasia 2016 Chairman’s Event Wrap-up

Blood, Sweat, Tears, Rewards – the RTC Committee

Speaking of RTC, last week was the RTCAUS 2016 Event, and here is a little news about that from the Parametric Monkey.

RTC BIM Awards

Here are a couple of interesting posts from In The Fold about the boundaries of BIM.

Autodesk Pushes the Boundaries of BIM in the Evolution of the Architect (Part I)

Autodesk Pushes the Boundaries of BIM in the Evolution of the Architect (Part II) 

Autodesk launches free, automated connection between the AIA’s 2030 Design Data Exchange (DDx) and Autodesk Insight 360

Let take a look at all the wisdom (and perhaps a little sarcasm) that Revit OpEd has for us this week.

My Ongoing Saga of Autodesk Desktop Application  (FWIW I get the same thing)

Create New Local is Disabled

Tags Dimensions and Linked Files

Not to be out done by Steve, Luke from What Revit Wants has been busy this week too.

Revit 2015 Update Release 14 Direct Download Links

Legal Issues of BIM Assessment Document for Download

Here is this weeks installment to the BIM Periodic Table from NBS. (learn about all part of the Periodic Table of BIM here)

Periodic Table of BIM – Digital Plan of Work

Introducing the Periodic Table of BIM

Keeping the ball rolling from last weeks post here is more on Slab Shape editing from landarchBIM.

Match Adjacent Floor Points  (last weeks post here)

Jason over at RVIT is bringing sexy back……sorta.

Making COBie Sexy

If you are up to learn a little more Dynamo (for those past the beginner stage) check out the latest module from Learn dynamo.


Speaking of Dynamo this latest post from John over at sixtysecondrevit is pretty cool, I mean sending emails with Dynamo!

Send Emails with #DyanmoBIM

Revit, Piles, and Dynamo Oh My! Check it out in this post from Revit a Structured Approach

Revit Structure & Dynamo – Piled Wall Systems Tutorial

How about some MEP and ceiling heights with more Dynamo Love, this time from BIM 42.

Measuring ceiling heights

There was also a new Dynamo Forum released this week, learn about the update over at the Dynamo Blog.

New Dynamo Forum!

Last week I posted about this new to me blog called “There’s no BIM like home” where the blogger is posting about “BIMing” is new house, and this week there is a new post.

PLQ1.6 – EIR

There is a little less out this week on new 2017 features, but in case you haven’t seen it yet this is a neat post and video on Depth Cueing from Ideate Solutions Blog.

Bring Your Elevations to Life in Revit 2017!

The RevitCat tells us about part two of trying to install Revit 2017.

Revit 2017 Install Take 2 – Using Physical Media   (Part 1)

If you aren’t completely sure on how or when to use phasing in Revit, check out this post from the cadline BIM Blog.

Revit Architecture 2017 – Understanding Phasing

This a useful post if you were an early down loader of Revit 2017, in some early versions all the templates and families had to be updated to 2017. Check out the fix in this post from the IMAGINiT Support Blog.

Revit 2017 templates, families and libraries needs to update

Autodesk 2017 Deployment is missing Revit content

For those of you that are using fabrication in Revit, check out this post from cadline BIM Blog.

Revit 2017: Using Fabrication Parts

If you are going to AU this year here are so possible classes that you will likely want to attend, check them out over at Simply Complex.

Here are My AU2016 Class Proposals

This is an interesting post about a new app for lean construction and BIM collaboration (Extratnet Evolution).

GamePlan’s aim: ‘lean’ collaboration

Take a little time and make your 3D view look perfect…..okay at least really good. (BIM & Revit World).

Some useful Revit Tips to make your 3d views perfect

Check out whats new in the latest release of BIM 360 Docs, from the BIM 360 Blog.

BIM 360 Docs: Better than ever and still FREE!

For some of the latest COBie Info check out this post from TASK ABM


Its that time of the week again, time for the Guru’s gatherings, from the one and only ConAppGuru.

The Guru’s Gathering: A Collection of Blogs for Construction May 20, 2016

Lets check out the new post from Dynamo Nodes this week.

Workflow Repost: Batch Create Elevation Views with Dynamo

Workflow: Automatically Renumber Rooms with Level Detection

I will end this week’s Roundup with a cool tweet from Marcello on something he is working on.


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