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Weekly Roundup – 2016.18


The week that was in the world of BIM –  for the week of May 1st, 2016 – May 7th, 2016.

Lets start this weeks Roundup off  with a really cool post from Shades of Grey.


3 Weeks in and still lots of posts about the new Revit 2017, check out this weeks batch below.

Revit 2017 – Align Padlock and Wall Core Centerline  (Revit OpEd)

Revit 2017 – Calculated Values in Tags  (Revit OpEd)

More Revit 2017 Install Mess  (RevitCat)

Global Parameters in Revit 2017  (RevitCat)

Revit 2017 – Filters and Reference Planes  (Revit OpEd)

Revit 2017 – Text and Character Map Use  (Revit OpEd)

Code Signing For Revit 2017  (Boost Your BIM)

Introducing Autodesk 2017 (May 2016 Issue of AUGIWorld)

Demo of Revit 2017 with new functionalities for structure  (BIM & Revit World!)

Roundup – Autodesk Product Enhancements for Revit 2017  (Revit Add-ons)

In case you missed the post by the Revit Kid last week, check out this version by The Architect’s Companion.

Affordable Revit Server?

This week the ConAppGuru has an interview post, form the CEO Tech Forum he was at last week.

FieldLens Interview from Builtworlds CEO Tech Forum 2016

Time to check out the AEC/BIM podcasts from the week.


Episode 033 – David Rutten     (Designalyze)

Episode 1.15 – Construction Tech News & interview with Kyle Slager CEO of @RakenApp     (ConTechTrio)

If you missed last weeks ConTechTrio Podcast here is a recap by the ConAppGuru.

The ConTechTrio Podcast 1.14 (Solibri) RECAP

Do you like survey’s if so check out these posts from Revit OpEd.

Autodesk Insight 360 Survey

Autodesk Installation and Updates Exercise Survey

Revit Viewer

Getting Started with Collaboration for Revit (C4R)

Create a Local File – How Often

Here is some Dynamo Love and a helpful tip all in one from John Pierson

Dynamo-Align Viewports To Host  (Autodesk Knowledge Network)

This is a post about a new (at least to me) cloud based product for the AECO crowd, that comes from the UK, fine out more in this post from Extranet Evolution.

Buildcloud: architect-led collaboration

There was another couple posts this week about the BIM Periodic Table, check them out over at NBS.

Standards – Periodic Table of BIM

Periodic Table of BIM – Enabling Tools (see all the posts up to now here)

How about a little help reinforcing you Revit building, check out this post from BIM & Revit World.

How to use Revit for reinforcing simple concrete structure

What’s new this week in the Wonderful world of RTC, find out over at the RTC News Blog.

Speaker Sponsor Spotlight (v2)

RE: Is BIM Better?

Golden Ticket Winner Announced at Paris Revit User Group

On the Importance of “Community”

What is an Engine Room, aka BCS:ER, at the Building Content Summit?

Did You Know…?

Data Day Attendee Spotlight

BCS: Synapse Session Preview: The Content Chasm- Jason Bailly, HDR

What wait I thought this was the year of BIM level 2…….but maybe it’s only BIM level 1? Check out this post from TangibleBIM.

Is 2016 really the year of Level 1 BIM ??

There is always time for a Revit tip or 2, check out this post from The BIM Jedi about Revit File size.

Reducing Revit File Size

Another Revit tip, this time from BIM & Revit World.

Some useful Revit Tips for importing Revit to AutoCAD

I hate remembering formulas and how Revit wants me to use then so I found this post in the AUGI Library very helpful.

Formulas & Families

This little nugget of Revit wisdom comes from Paul Aubin via LinkedIn.

Using custom parameters to sort your Revit Project Browser? There is another way…

More tips, this time for working with a Local file in Revit. (The BIM Jedi)

Working with a Local File

Keeping with the tips flow, here is a little magic form RVIT.

A Little Dash of IT Magic for Deployments

How do you think VR will change Architecture? Check out this post and see if you have some of the same ones (ArchSmarter)

5 Ways Virtual Reality Will Change Architecture

Here is a detailed post about improving productivity in Revit with an add-in tool kit (

Improve the Quality and Productivity of Your Revit Modeling with This Powerful Toolkit

I’m a Revit guy, but I know its not the only kid on the block, so here is a post about the newly released ARCHICAD 20 (TenLinks)


Looking for some CM software, take a look at what BIM 360 Docs has to offer (BIM 360 Blog).

Free Construction Project Management Software from BIM 360

Now for some fun with Dynamo and Fences, from the landarchBIM Blog.

How to Make (Non-Adaptive) Fences Follow Topo

Its always nice to be able to work off line, and this post from What Revit Wants gives you a way to do just that with your screencast videos.

Backup Your Screencast Data Automatically And Access the Video Files For Offline Use

Here are a few more roundups, this one of all the Revit Add-ins, from the Revit Add-ons Blog.

Roundup – New and Updated Revit Add-ins on the Autodesk App Store for the Week of April 24, 2016

Roundup – New and Updated Revit Add-ins on the Autodesk App Store for the Week of May 1, 2016

Roundup – Autodesk Product Enhancements for Revit 2016 (Update #8)

Its that time of the week again, time for the Guru’s Gathering, by the ConAppGuru.

The Guru’s Gathering: A Collection of Blogs for Construction May 6, 2016

Troy over at Revit Coaster has done some work for you so you can get the RevitLookup 2017.

RevitLookup 2017

This is a cool post about one firms Dynamo Standard, from the DynamoBIM Blog.

Dynamo Graphic Standards at White arkitekter AB

I will end this weeks Roundup with a tweet from Autodesk University about my submissions for AU 2016.


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