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Weekly Roundup – 2016.13


The week that was in the world of BIM –  for the week of March 27th, 2016 – April 2nd, 2016.

Lets start this weeks Roundup off  with a post from The BIM Jedi, the 4th in a series about training.

Training Strategy Part 4     (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3)

Lets take a look at a post from Marcello that I missed for last weeks Roundup. (Simply Complex).

How to Mirror DynamoBIM Geometry and Not Keep Original

Now from some Apple news from the ConAppGuru.

Apple March 2016 Town Hall RECAP

If you are tired of paper drawings, but can’t get everyone on the team or in yoru firm to make the jump to digital, check out this new technology from Rollout in the post from Extranet Evolution.

Rollout rolls-out PaperLight

Cut and Fill, not just for Civil 3D anymore, learn more in this post from The Revit Kid.

Revit Tutorial – Calculating Cut / Fills using Building Pads.

Here is a some neat little tips for all you Revit users from the RevitCat,

Duplicating Revit Views with Linework Overrides

Revit Stair Subcategories and Materials

If you have some macros you have made for Revit, these next post from Beside The Cursor are for you.

Upgrading Application Macros for New Versions of Revit

Update: Using DOS and VBScript to Upgrade your Revit Library for Free   (Original Post)

Keeping with the tips and tricks for Revit here is one from the (bim) Developement Blog.

Getting Families to Display in RCP if Below View Cut Plane

This is a cool idea from Michael over at ArchSmarter for creating a project dashboard using 3 tools you likley already have.

How to Create a Project Dashboard [Webinar Replay]

Last week was the new release of ACAD 2017, here is a post on one of the new features from the Synergis Blog.


using Recap on your iPad is closer than you think, check out this post on It’s Alive in the Lab.

Try ReCap 360 on an iPad with the free technology preview of ReCap 360 Mobile via Autodesk labs

Check out the new AEC/BIM Podcast that came out this week.

Episode 031 – Maddy Maxey    (Designalyze)

Episode 48 – Kitchens    (The Architech Show)

ConTechTrio 03/29/2016 Q&A Webinar with @JamesMBenham @ConAppGuru @BIM2TheBone    (ConTechTrio)

Episode 1.10 – LaserScanning Construction with JBKnowledge Labs lead @GrahamLeslie   (ConTechTrio)

If you missed last weeks ConTechTrio Podcast here is a recap from the ConAppGuru.

The ConTechTrio Podcast 1.9 (Safety) RECAP

There was a warning about not installing Revit Update 4, then no warning……find out more over at Revit OpEd.

Hold off on Revit 2016 Update Release 4

Hold Off Warning Rescinded

Some more helpful info from Steve over at Revit OpEd.

Warning Message – Highlighted Elements are Joined but do not Intersect

Here are some great posts from over at CAD Panacea, which turned 11 years old this week!

CAD Panacea is 11 years old

(entmake) vs (command) vs (vla-add-)

Autodesk Expert Elite

Revit 2016 R2 – Global Parameters

It was also a buys week of post from Jarod Schultz.

Health Dashboard

AutoCAD 2017 fails to launch after install

Revit Content Libraries not getting installed from a Building Design Suite 2016 deployment

Now for some Dynamo love, this time from The Architect’s Desktop.

Dynamo: Active View Walls at Plan View Level

If you are new to Dynamo, then there was a couple new online classes that are available (or will be soon) you should check out.

Dynamo 101 – Fundamentals with Konrad K. Sobon    (

Dynamo Essential Training with Ian Siegel    (

Keeping the Dynamo training going, check out this post from the landarchBIM blog.

Extract Topo Points and Contour Lines

More fun with Dynamo, this time from sixtysecondrevit.

Verify Dimension Accuracy in #Revit with #DynamoBIM

Isolated Pick Selection in Revit with #DynamoBIM

April Fools’ Day 2016

Now lets stay with landscape architecture and see if it really needs BIM (landgeekblog).


Do you work with point clouds or scan data, looking for an easier way to deal with them in Revit, then check out this post from IMAGINiT Building Solutions Blog.

Laser Scanning is a Great Solution for Design Teams, But Alone It’s Not Enough

Scan to BIM: A Faster Path from Point Cloud to Intelligent Revit Model

Now for all the posts from the wonderful What Revit Wants for the week.

Free Revit Health Project Resources provided by AusHFG in one 142mb RVT File

Two Ways to Fix Shared Coordinates and Project Base Point Values

The First Article You Should Read About Revit

If you are just learning Revit this next post is for you, about Revit Conceptual Masses. (

Introduction to Revit Conceptual Massing

Its been a while but for all your coders out there here is a new post from Boost Your BIM.

Find Column Base Offset Values

Do you use COBie, or are you thinking about it, either way you should checkout this post from Practical BIM.

COBie is not what you think it is

If you new to Revit or know someone that is, here is a new and free resource to help beginners out, head over to BIMscape.

“The Complete Beginners’ Guide to Revit Architecture” Course is available now!

It’s that time of the week to check out the Guru’s gatherings, from the ConAppGuru Blog.

The Guru’s Gathering: A Collection of Blogs for Construction April 1, 2016

Time to check out whats new in the world of RTC, from the RTC New Blog.

LoD, Detail, Development or Despair

It’s a Start…

Learning from Others about Data

ARCHICAD and REVIT Users – Riding The Rollercoaster Together

DTS Registration Updates: Women Power in Technology

Speakers’ Confirmation Emails

Lets see what new in the world of Dynamo Nodes.

Get Family List for this project


Isolated Pick Model Elements

I will end this week roundup with a post on a couple of sweet new workstations from Lenovo – Dual Processors (CGW)


Lenovo Debuts New Dual-Processor Workstations


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