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Weekly Roundup – Special Edition – RTC North America 2015



Another RTC North America has come and gone, and as per usual it was a blur!

This years event was “Somewhere near DC” as the name tags said, which was actually Arlington, Virginia just outside of Washington DC.


This years event was my 3rd RTCNA, and it was an awesome time as always! What really makes these events so great is the real sense of community that you feel when you are at one. Jim Balding always likes to say that they are events by USERS for the USERS, and it really does feel that way. It’s also a great event to meet up with old and new friends that you may only see once a year at RTC. I was able to meet a few fellow bloggers this year in person for the first time, was great to meet: The Revit Kid (Jeffrey Pinheiro), Simply Complex (Marcello Sgambelluri), CAD Panacea (Kimberly Fuhrman), Revit Swat (Kelvin Tam), Sixtysecondrevit (John Pierson) and BIMThoughs (Carla Edwards).

Another nice thing about RTC is that it’s a smaller event, sure this year there was 580 people, but it never felt big (over 10,000 at AU last year, that felt big).  Everyone that attends RTC is their to share their knowledge and love to chat with anyone about all thing Revit and BIM. This means you never need to be afraid to walk up and chat with any of the guest or speakers, even if they are BIMfamous  (credit to Bill Debevc and BIMThoughs Podcast S2E6 for that term).

Keeping with that idea, one of the speaker gifts this year was a mug and a sharpie so you should have people sign your mug, (there was also a cool 3d printed RTCNA logo).



I was able to get 7 signatures on my mug, I wanted more but kept forgetting the mug in my room. Can you figure out who they all are, answers under the picture, no cheating.



Left to right, from top to bottom the signatures are: Scott Chatterton (@BIM4ScottC), Jim Balding (@jimbalding), Carla Edwards (@CarlaDEdwards62), Wesley Benn (@wesleybenn) , Bill Debevc (@BillDebevc), Phil Read (@PhilRead),  Harry Mattison (@BoostYourBIM).

I should also mention the other part of the Speaker gift…….and really Doug Williams (@digdug262) said it best.


The sessions are always my favorite part of RTC, just so much to learn from so many great speakers, what’s not to love. However a close second are all the social events. From the welcome event in exhibition hall where you can mix and mingle with guest and exhibitors. To the Friday evening out, which was the the National Post museum this year (which was way more fun than it sounds). Ending with the grand Gala to wrap everything up on the Saturday evening.


There was also the very special Key Note address at this years event that was really more of a talk show that include the 2 creators of Revit, and many of the original first staff. This was an awesome way to start the conference and gave all us Revit folks goose bumps when Leonid & Irwin took the stage there was a 580 string standing ovation. There was a lot of tweets about this moment, but I think this slide shown below form the Wrap-up says it best.


If my recount of RTCNA 2015 and how much fun it was and all the cool stuff you learn and awesome people you meet is not enough to get you to sign up for RTCNA 2016 then maybe some of these other Blog posts about RTCNA 2015 will do the trick.

Check out this post from swittersTX on Fighting Dinosaurs about his topic from last weeks RTCNA 2015.

RVT, IFC, RCS, and an NWF to Clash Them All

Here is a special Podcast from BIMThoughts with Wesly & Jim Live from RTCNA 2015.

S2E7 Wesly and Jim Live! # RTCNA

Here is another Podcast from BIMThoughts about RTCNA 2015, this time their recap (2 parts).

S2E8 RTC Recap Part 1

S2E9 RTC Recap Part 2

Here is another special Podcast from BIMThoughts Live from RTCNA 2015.

S2E10 Bill, Ryan, Carla and Anthony LIVE! at RTCNA

And here is a post from Boost Your BIM about the above Podcast.

#BIMThoughts talks #RTCNA, @BoostYourBIM, and more

Here is a post about all the fun that was had at RTCNA last week from Revit Swat.

RTC North America 2015

Here is some more love (rightly so) for RTCNA last week in DC (sorta) from Kimberly Fuhrman on CAD Panacea.

Reflections from RTC 2015

The posts about the great times had by all keep coming for RTCNA 2015, this time from The BIM Jedi.

Another Successful RTCNA

Still more love for RTCNA this time with a top 8 list, from the Revit Kid.

My #RTCNA Top 8 : Recap and Afterthoughts

The RTCNA recaps just keep coming, this time from the FormIt 360 Blog.

FormIt at RTCNA Recap!

Here is a tease of what you can expect from John Pierson class at RTCNA 2015 this week from his blog sixtysecondrevit.

RTCNA 2015 – Optimize | Dynamo for Building Performance

Keeping with the RTCNA 2015 Theme, here is a post from BIMThoughts that will have all the info on Bill Debevc’s Bluebeam class (Session 3.4)

RTC North America 2015

Here is a link to where you can find the dataset for Bill Debevc‘s (BIMThoughs) Bluebeam class as well as the dataset for  Marcello Sgambelluri‘s Designscript for dummies.

RTCNA 2015

Here are some thoughts on RTC which is on now, (but will be over by the time this is posted) by a regular that couldn’t make it this year, Havard Vasshaug.

Revit Technology Conference

Here comes many a great post from Boost Your BIM, every year at RTCNA he grants wishes to make Revit Better with some API magic.

Its Time to Grant Your #RTCNA Wishes

#RTCNA Wish 1 granted! Export wall type layer information

#RTCNA Wish 2 granted! Create view for every level for every view type

#RTCNA Wish 3 granted! Join all walls and floors

#RTCNA Wish not granted (sorry!)

#RTCNA Wish 4 granted! Delete empty tags

#RTCNA Wish 5 granted! Toposurface from Sokkia SDR file

#RTCNA Wish 6 granted! Create assemblies from groups

#RTCNA Wish 7 granted! Isolated 3d view for each workset

#RTCNA Wish 8 granted! Delete unused elevation markers

#RTCNA Wish 9 granted! Place instances of multiple families

#RTCNA Wish 10 granted! material replacement

#RTCNA leftover – know your StorageType

Here is another post about RTCNA, this time from Jarod Schultz.

Standing Room Only

More RTCNA posts this time about the Keynote (which was awesome) from the ideate software Blog.

Revit Technology Conference Keynote Summary

This next post is about Revit Add-ins, and RTCNA 2015, however I’m posting it just for the opening quote:“The girl’s got rhythm – Rock ‘n Roll rhythm!” AC/DC How ’bout your Revit model, does it have Rhythm? Well done Tim Grimm from Revit Ad-ons.

Free Rhythm Package for Dynamo, with Some Keen Updates from RTCNA

This next post is about BCS which happened a couple days before RTCNA 2015 started, it’s from Shades of Grey.

The Wrong Question

When I’m finished I will have 3 different posts about RTCNA 2015, which I thought that was pretty good, however sixtyseconrevit has me beat with 6! (and they are worth a look)

RTCNA 2015 – Optimize | Dynamo for Building Performance

RTCNA 2015 – Optimize | 01_LAR Settings with Dynamo

RTCNA 2015 – Optimize | 02_LAR Floor Plan Tweak

Post #RTCNA 2015 Rhythm Updates

#RTCNA 2015 Innovation Project Video

#RTCNA 2015 – Presentation Data Sets

Here is a post from The Revit Kid about a class he took at RTCNA about Site Designer give by Dan Rosenberg.

Revit Tutorial – Site Designer Plugin

Some love for RTC from the one and only Lynn Allen, and her Blog (Lynn Allen’s Blog).

The Amazing Revit Technology Conferences

Here is another post about all the greatness that was RTCNA 2015, this time from Konrad K Sobon over at arCHI Lab

revit technology conference north america 2015

Well I think you get the idea, people who attend RTCNA love it, and those that have been in the past and couldn’t make it this year missed it.  So start planning for RTCNA 2016 now and I will see you next year in Phoenix/Scottsdale July 14th – 16th, 2016.





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