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Weekly Roundup – 2015.30


The week that was in the world of BIM and other Techie fun stuff, for the week of July 26th  – Aug. 1st, 2015.

Lets start this weeks roundup off with a post from The Revit Kid looking for your input on on Revit and BIM Conferences.

Revit/BIM Conference Survey – Looking for Your Input! 

What’s the worker in the Construction industry going to be like in the future? Find out what the ConAppGuru thinks in this blog post.

The Construction Worker of the Future

Autodesk named top 50 Tech Powerhouse, read more in this Synergis Blog post.

Constrcutech Magazine Selects Autodesk as Top 50 Technology Powerhouse List

Here is all the news that is news from the RTC New blog this week (The RTCNA Hangover edition).

Getting your Boss to pay for RTC Asia (or at least pitch in!)

New and Improved

Check out this post from swittersTX on Fighting Dinosaurs about his topic from last weeks RTCNA 2015.

RVT, IFC, RCS, and an NWF to Clash Them All

This week we have a new Podcast from Designalyze, with Marius Watz.

Episode 012 – Marius Watz

Keeping with the Podcast theme here is a special Podcast from BIMThoughts with Wesly & Jim Live from RTCNA 2015.

S2E7 Wesly and Jim Live! # RTCNA

Here is a post from BIMThoughts about the making of a podcast, its not all fun and games.

The Creation of a Podcast

Here is a little Dynamo magic from What Revit Wants.

Set Visible RVT link Instance to a View Parameter in Revit

Here is a nice little post with video about Structural openings with automated lintels from Hagerman & Company Blog.

Opening With Lintel

Here is a new post from Practical BIM about PAS 1192-2.

Procuring BIM – PAS 1192-2 and acif PTI

If you are working with, or planning to work with Vault and Revit, then check out this post from BIM Toolbox.

Mapping Revit project parameters to vault

Here are some tips if you are startling to use C4R (Collaboration fro Revit) from Microsol Resource Blog.

5 Tips for your new A360 Collaboration for Revit

Here is a Dynamo tip for Revit from What Revit Wants as a work around for Depended view transferred between projects.

How to copy Dependent Floor Plans from one Revit project to another RVT

Keeping the Dynamo love flowing here is another post in the Dynam(o)ite Your Design series from Revit beyond BIM.

Dynam(o)ite Your Design: Continuous Truss Girder Bridge

Things happen quickly in the blog world, below is a post from Fighting Dinosaurs about the post above.

Dynam(o)ite Your Design: Continuous Truss Girder Bridge

Here is a post about all the fun that was had at RTCNA last week from Revit Swat.

RTC North America 2015

Here is some more love (rightly so) for RTCNA last week in DC (sorta) from Kimberly Fuhrman on CAD Panacea.

Reflections from RTC 2015

The posts about the great times had by all keep coming for RTCNA 2015, this time from The BIM Jedi.

Another Successful RTCNA

Still more love for RTCNA this time with a top 8 list, from the Revit Kid.

My #RTCNA Top 8 : Recap and Afterthoughts

The RTCNA recaps just keep coming, this time from the FormIt 360 Blog.

FormIt at RTCNA Recap!

Now that RTCNA 2015 is over some have already begun their planning for AU 2015, check out this post from Revit Beyond BIM.

Class sneak preview at Autodesk University 2015

Here is some love for you landscape architects out there using Revit from landarchBIM blog.

Complex Planting Graphics, Simplified

Are you getting ready to move your firm from Revit 2015 (or earlier) to Revit 2016, and have a ton of files to upgrade, then you need check out this post from Boost Your BIM.

Have #Revit files to upgrade?

For all the structural folks out there in internet land this might be an interesting post for you, from Revit a Structured Approach.

Revit 2016 to Robot Structural Analysis Professional 2016 – New bi-directional load transfer

If you like coding and Arduino, then this post from In The Fold is for you.

Autodesk Teams up with Arduino to Electrify Creativity and Coding

If you are interested in Augmented Reality, then this is a great post for you about AR in AEC by AECbytes.

Augmented Reality in AEC

Here is a post about Dynamo and the Web Request Node from sixtysecondrevit.

Fun with #DynamoBIM Web Request Node

Now time for the weekly gathering of Construction App goodness from the ConAppGuru.

The Guru’s Gathering: A Collection of Blogs for Construction July 31, 2015

If you have ever had to deal with a purge gone wrong in a Revit model….or maybe many purges gone wrong…. then you will want to print this out and put it in your lunch room! Check it out over at RVIT.

This is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things

Here are a couple more post from What Revit Wants, about IFC add-ins and shared parameters.

IFC for Revit 2015 (V15.5) and IFC for Revit 2016 (V16.2) released

Export Shared Parameters from Sheet Label in Titleblock

I was lucky enough to attend one of Tim Waldock’s (RevitCat) classes at RTCNA last week. If you are heading to RTC Asia, you should check out this post about his 2 classes and then sign up!

RTC Asia – The Best Tall Building in the World needs lots of Multistory Stairs

If you work with Revit and color schemes then you should check this post our from A Word on BIM.

Using View Filters for Other View Types

The Lighting Analysis app for Revit 2016 is now available, learn more in this post from Building Performance Analysis.

Lighting Analysis now available for Revit 2016

now time for some Navisworks love from Daniel and Autodesk AEC software.

Navisworks check for shared coordinates

If you are ever tasked with teaching other Revit (it’s a big part of my job) then you need to read this post from Fear and Loathing in a Cad vs BIM World.

Are You an Educator or Enabler | AKA: When Technology Exceeds Our Evolutionary Standing

Here is another post about RTCNA, this time from Jarod Schultz.

Standing Room Only

More RTCNA posts this time about the Keynote (which was awesome) from the ideate software Blog.

Revit Technology Conference Keynote Summary

This next post is about Revit Add-ins, and RTCNA 2015, however I’m posting it just for the opening quote:“The girl’s got rhythm – Rock ‘n Roll rhythm!” AC/DC How ’bout your Revit model, does it have Rhythm? Well done Tim Grimm from Revit Ad-ons.

Free Rhythm Package for Dynamo, with Some Keen Updates from RTCNA

This next post is about BCS which happened a couple days before RTCNA 2015 started, it’s from Shades of Grey.

The Wrong Question

When I’m finished I will have 3 different posts about RTCNA 2015, which I thought that was pretty good, however sixtyseconrevit has me beat with 6! (and they are worth a look)

RTCNA 2015 – Optimize | Dynamo for Building Performance

RTCNA 2015 – Optimize | 01_LAR Settings with Dynamo

RTCNA 2015 – Optimize | 02_LAR Floor Plan Tweak

Post #RTCNA 2015 Rhythm Updates

#RTCNA 2015 Innovation Project Video

#RTCNA 2015 – Presentation Data Sets

Windows 10 came out this week, and in case you are wonder no it is not supported for any Autodesk products……yet. learn more in this post from The Architect’s Desktop.

Windows 10 Support.

If you work with C4R you may have ran into some issue this week, this post from Revit Clinic can shed a little light on the unplanned downtime.

Unplanned dowtime for Collaboration for Revit.

Another good post this week from the Revit Clinic about the new Health Dashboard.

New Health Dashboard for Cloud Services

I will end this week’s Roundup with a “Funny” that was posted on CAD Panacea – it’s worth a listen!

Who is Harry Field?


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