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RTC Roundup – North America 2015 Edition – The BIMsiders Classes

For those of you that attended RTCNA 2015 in DC and missed my classes, or couldn’t make it to RTCNA 2015 this year at all, below are the outlines of my classes as well as the handouts.

Revit Roofs Suck!

  • This is one of the things that I hear most often about using Revit, especially from residential design users. Another popular quip is that Revit is only good at roofs for commercial architecture, like flat roofs. While these are common conceptions of adding roofs in Revit, are they justified?During this presentation we will examine the roof tools that come with Revit, and how they work (or don’t work). While examining the out of the box tools we will learn about some functionality that tends to get forgot about, but can make the roofing process a little easier (like align eves). However once we end our tour of the roof tools we will discover that there are some holes that will need to be filled, and depending on your workflow maybe many holes. This is where the exploration of other option and tools in Revit begins, so suitable workarounds can be found to complete the needed workflow. Sometimes these workarounds are best served when they come from a third party add-in or app for Revit, so this option will also be investigated.At the end of the presentation I hope the takeaway is not how Revit roofs work, but how to make roofs work in Revit.
  • Revit Roof Suck Handout
  • Revit Roof Suck Presentation
  • Revit Roof Suck Tips & Tricks

25 Apps & Add-ins for Revit and the Revit Workflow

  • This class is designed to be a little more fun as we explore some of the apps and add-ins that are out there for Revit (and others). Well the general flow of this class will be fun, there will be some helpful apps and add-ins that can increase you productivity looked at as well. The class will cover 25 different apps, add-ins, and 3rd party additions to Revit (and others).
  • 25 Apps Handout
  • 25 Apps Presentation
  • 25 Apps Tips & Tricks



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