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Weekly Roundup – 2015.29


The week that was in the world of BIM and other Techie fun stuff, for the week of July 19th  – July 25th, 2015…….only a couple of days late……Blame it on #RTCNA

Lets start this weeks roundup off with a post from the RevitCat.

Tightly Curved Swept Blends in Revit Adaptive/Massing Environment (Kinda part 1)

Here is a tip from the always helpful Revit Kid.

Revit Tip – The Save Selection Tool

Lets keep the Revit tips going, this time from RVIT


Lots of Revit tips this week, now for one form the BIMBlog.

Technical Tip Tuesday: Engraved text on a Curved Wall

What the heck, why not one more quick Revit tip, this time from the Hagerman & Company Blog.

Revit 2016 – Selection Box

Here is all the news that is news from the RTC New blog this week, I’m sure with RTCNA 2015 starting this week there will be lots more on this in the coming weeks.

There’s Still Time!

Looking for Inspiration? (Call for Abstracts)

Iconic Architecture in Singapore

Enter DTS

Content, content, content

If you work in the construction industry then this post from ConAppGuru might be helpful to you.

The Value of Software for Construction

Here is a good post from the BIM Jedi blog about being a leader.

Being a Leader

Here is a tease of what you can expect from John Pierson class at RTCNA 2015 this week from his blog sixtysecondrevit.

RTCNA 2015 – Optimize | Dynamo for Building Performance

Keeping with the RTCNA 2015 Theme, here is a post from BIMThoughts that will have all the info on Bill Debevc’s Bluebeam class (Session 3.4)

RTC North America 2015

While it’s still over a month away before you can register for AU 2015 in Las Vegas, and over 4 months before the fun starts, you can now take a look at all the classes.

AU 2015 Class Catalog (Check out AS9579)

There was a Revit update (2015) and a Service Pack (2016) released this week, check out more in these What Revit Wants posts.

Revit 2016 Service pack 2

Revit 2015 Update Release 9 UR9 for Download

Some more info on new releases from What Revit Wants, this time C4R v 6.

A360 Collaboration v6 for Revit 2015 now available

To move away from the BIM side for a moment and over the the techie/hardware side for a review of a pretty sweet (if a little pricey) mobile “workstation” from

Lenovo’s ThinkPad W550s Brings Mobility to the Worksation Market

Here is a review post about the Topo Align App by landarchBIM Blog.

Topo Align App

Do you know where your BIM road-map is taking you? If not you should check out this post from ArchSmarter.

Where’s Your BIM Roadmap Taking You?

Can you Revit and Drafting really play nice together, CAD Panacea thinks so.

Revit & Drafting – Yes, They Can Coexist

Here is a look at how one Alberta Architect uses the A360 Suite of products. (A360 Blog).

Customer Spotlight: Allan Partridge

If you are in the MEP or Structural fields, then this post is for you. (BIMage Blog).

What Are Real “Benefits” of BIM to MEP and Structural Engineers

Here are some thoughts on RTC which is on now, (but will be over by the time this is posted) by a regular that couldn’t make it this year, Havard Vasshaug.

Revit Technology Conference

Here is another post from Havard Vasshaug (The Dark Arts of Revit) about a Revit course he has made that is available over at Think Parametric.

Learn Revit

You have to sell BIM to you client, can you sum up BIM in 30 seconds? Don’t worry the BIM Freak has your back.

Presentation at the @PDXrug thanks to @Ideateinc.

Here is this weeks Guru’s gatherings from the ConAppGuru.

The Guru’s Gathering: A Collection of Blogs for Construction July 24, 2015

Here comes many a great post from Boost Your BIM, every year at RTCNA he grants wishes to make Revit Better with some API magic.

Its Time to Grant Your #RTCNA Wishes

#RTCNA Wish 1 granted! Export wall type layer information

#RTCNA Wish 2 granted! Create view for every level for every view type

#RTCNA Wish 3 granted! Join all walls and floors

#RTCNA Wish not granted (sorry!)

#RTCNA Wish 4 granted! Delete empty tags

#RTCNA Wish 5 granted! Toposurface from Sokkia SDR file

#RTCNA Wish 6 granted! Create assemblies from groups

#RTCNA Wish 7 granted! Isolated 3d view for each workset

#RTCNA Wish 8 granted! Delete unused elevation markers

#RTCNA Wish 9 granted! Place instances of multiple families

#RTCNA Wish 10 granted! material replacement

#RTCNA leftover – know your StorageType

I’m going to end this weeks Roundup with a Tweet from RTCNA 2015, by RTC North America



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