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Weekly Roundup – 2015.26


The week that was in the world of BIM and other Techie fun stuff, for the week of June 28th  – July 4th, 2015.

Lets start this weeks Roundup of with a post from What Revit Wants, about keeping your Dynamo packages and custom nodes in sync.

Keeping Custom Dynamo Nodes in Sync

Keeping with Dynamo news, this week saw the release of version 0.8.1, and it’s in glorious colour! Find out more in this post from the Dynamo Blog.

Dynamo 0.8.1 Released!

7-3-2015 9-35-28 AM

Here is a post from the ConAppGuru in his continuing series about 10 workflows for apps in construction.

The Ten Workflows: #6 Apps for Scheduling

Here is another post from ConAppGuru, this time an update on PlanGrid.

PlanGrid App Update #5

It’s going to be a busy year for the BIM Freak, will you be able to see one of her speaking engagements?

Speaking engagements galore!

The Revit Kid was put on a list of best software tutorials by ArchDaily last week, he was surprised by this, but myself and all his readers know he belongs their for sure! Featured on ArchDaily!

The Best Software Tutorials on the Web (According to ArchDaily Readers) (ArchDaily)

If you didn’t follow all the crazy tweets last weekend for the AEC Hackathon (June 27 & 28th) then Carol from Carol’s Construction Technology Blog has you covered with a recap of all the best tweets.

AEC Hackathon Recap (June 27-28, 2015)

There is another new Podcast out this week from Designalyze, be sure to check it out.

Episode 008 – Josh Emig

We also have a new podcast from BIMThoughts this week as well.

S2E3 Paul F. Aubin

Here is all the news that’s fit to be news in the world of RTC, from the RTC News Blog.

Fear Of A Bot Job Site

Help Wanted

Reason #629 to attend ARTCAsia 2015: BANKOK

Countdown is on! 3 Weeks!

Call for “Content Synapse” Discussion Topics!

DTS: Management – Billable/Overhead Op-Ed published!


RTC Asia 2015 – Event Schedule and Costs Announced

Here is a quick tip from RVIT for Revit and your workplane.

Take Your Workplane For a Spin

Starting this week Autodesk now offers course via iTunes on iTunes U, learn more in this post from TenLinks.

Autodesk to make Design Course Available on iTunes

Autodesk has also stepped into the Podcast market this week with a new Podcast called AutodeskAEC Podcast learn more in this post from In The Fold.

Autodesk Launches Podcast Channel to Explore the Future of the Built Environment

Now for a couple of new blogs to the weekly Roundup (new to me at least). First is BIMmuse with an essential BIM tip.

BIM Essentials Tip #1

The other new to me blog is called Parametric Monkey, and what I’ve seen so far i like. below are a few sample posts from the monkey.

Revit best practice tips

Dynamo Sun Settings

Rename rooms by area

Creative Commons & Software

I never thought of BIM as a 12 step program, but the people over at the BIM Hub has got it nailed now to 10 steps.

10 Steps to BIM

Here are a couple of helpful post from the IMAGINiT Building Solutions Blog.

Modeling a conduit “Kick” in Revit

Turn off the start tab in ACAD 2016

And if you enjoyed the post about turning off the start tab in ACAD 2016, then you will love these other two post about the same same thing.

AutoCAD 2016 Start Tab (Applying Technology to Architecture)

Let’s “Start” with one less tab in ACAD 2016 (The BIMsider)

This post from Cadline Blog is an interesting read about brick/block coursing in Revit.

Revit Architecture 2016 – Brick/Block Coursing

Looking for a way to clean up your Revit journals in 2016, check out this post form What Revit Wants.

Download Free Revit Journal Cleaner for Revit 2016

Here is another post form What Revit Wants, this time about a new Dynamo package called Bumblebee Primer.

Improved Revit to Excel Linking, Reading and Writing through Dynamo with new Bumblebee package

Learn more about Bumblebee Primer from the man himself Konrad Sobon over at his site archi-lab.

Bumblebee – Dynamo and excel interop

You can now add folders to A360 on your iPad, learn more over at the A360 Blog.

New on A360 iOS: Create new folders and more!

If you have been wondering about using a Titleblock stamp in Revit, then this is the blog post for you (Cadline Blog).

Revit Architecture 2016 – Titleblock Stamp

Okay so this next post gets the “Silly question of the week” award, when you read it you will know why (

Is Autodesk Trying to Take Out SkecthUp?

So have you been wonder what the top contractors know that you don’t? Check out this post from Brent Darnell International to find out.

What Do the Top 400 Contractors Know that You Don’t Know?

Here is a helpful post from landarchBIM blog about In-Place models structural stairs.

Stair Structure using Model In-Place

This is not the path you are looking for……at least that’s what Revit old me. Learn more at the Microsol Resources Blog.

Revit 2015: “The Path you have specified for the default family template files is invalid”

Now for some Bluebeam love from Carol’s Construction Technology Blog.

Pulling Data from a Scanned PDF into Excel

Now we shift focus to some Structural Analysis with Revit beyond BIM.

Structural Analysis to Detailing workflow

Here is this weeks gatherings form the ConAppGuru.

The Guru’s Gathering: A Collection of Blogs for Construction July 3, 2015

Lets celebrate the 4th of July with a little help from Captain America and Revit Swat.

Happy July 4 With Captain America

Here is an interesting post from BIM 42 about Timestamps for Models

Model Timestamp

FormIt Friday came a little early this week (OK so its actually the video from last week, but Tuesday is still Tuesday) check it out at FormIt 360 Blog.

FormIt Friday Episode 5 – Here Comes the Sun!

Forget about double rainbows check double screen shots of Dynamo from sixtysecondrevit.

Better Screenshots in Dynamo

I’m going to end this weeks Roundup with a post for all our Architect friends out there in Blog land that want to be more effective, learn how in this post from ArchSmarter.

7 Ways to be a More effective Architect


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