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Let’s “Start” with one less tab in ACAD 2016

This is a re-post of a Blog I did for work, which is posted on the IMAGINiT Building Solutions Blog here.

Here is a quick tip for those of you out there in ACAD land that like to have as few tabs open as possible when working in ACAD.

In the new release of ACAD 2016 the “Start” page is now a tab that is always on by default.

6-29-2015 8-31-59 AM

There is no “x” to close or turn off the start tab. To turn off the start tab you need to use the command line shortcut STARTMODE and change the default setting to “0”. Commands in ACAD that are accompanied with the gear icon are called system variables.

6-29-2015 8-41-57 AM

Then the start tab will be turned off by default until you chose to turn it back on.

6-29-2015 8-37-20 AM

You can turn the start fab back on doing the same operation in reverses (the setting would now be “1”). The start tab will not become visible again until you restart ACAD.

6-29-2015 8-38-09 AM

I hope this little tip helps you have a “Tab-less” day!


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