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Weekly Roundup – 2015.17


The week that was in the world of BIM and other Techie fun stuff, for the week of Apr. 26th – May 2nd, 2015.

I will start this weeks Roundup Off with some Construction App new from ConAppGuru, this time about photos.

The Five Workflows for Apps on Construction Projects (Photos)

I must confess I don’t use Robot Structural Analysis, but have heard it’s not the easiest to learn, so this post from Revit Beyond BIM will be a help if you are truing to figure it out.

Robot Structural Analysis – Learning resources

Now for the first Revit tip of this weeks Roundup, and it comes from Bernie Wade of BIM Design Consultans via The Revit Kid

Revit tip – How to drag and drop multiple families more efficiently

Who needs more info on What’s new in Revit 2016, here is a post from What Revit Wants chalk full of links and videos!

Revit 2016 New Features and Videos

Maybe you want a podcast about what in Revit 2016, well BIMThoughts has that covered.

S1E6 Revit 2016

This is a very in depth and well written “What’s new in Revit 2016” post from RevitCat.

What’s New in Revit 2016

Another good post from the RevitCat, this time about the weird and wonderful world of Revit Railings.

Weird Revit Railing Stuff – part 5 – Extensions / Terminations

Are you still on the fence about if you should go to RTC NA (or any of the RTC events) or maybe just not sure if your boss will go for it? Well then take a look at this short video from RTC News.

Back After These Messages

Here is another post that might help you decide to attend one (or more) of the RTC events this year (Revit OpEd).

Revit Technology Conference 2015 Summary

So not all news about what’s new (or not in this case) about Revit 2016 is good news, see this quick post from Revit OpEd.

Revit 2016 – Space Naming Utility Still a Separate Application

It seems like the new 2016 Autodesk software just came out yesterday, and yet we are already getting updates to improve and fix issues. Check out these 2 posts from What Revit Wants about some updates.

Navisworks 2016 Service Pack 1 Download links (resolves BIM 360 collaboration problems)

Download Update for better Snapping to Attached Coordination Model (Navisworks NWD NWC) in AutoCAD 2016 Products

If you work in a firm that is always dealing with LARGE Revit models, then you should check out this post (and video series) over at the Club Revit Blog that was created by Lonnie Cumpton.

Super-Size Me 2015

Keeping with the Club Revit Blog, here is their take on what’s new in Revit 2016 & Navisworks 2016.

What’s New in Revit 2016

What’s New in Autodesk Navisworks 2016

And one last post from Club Revit Blog, this one is a few weeks old, but just thinking about using Revit content to direct export to CNC is very exiting to me (I spend a few years as a CNC jockey in a past life).

Revit to CNC Direct

I came across this post on Linkedin, and thought it was worth a share. The post was written by Shawn Foster.

So….you’re a “BIM” Expert

Last week Steve over at Revit OpEd share what one of his readers had found in Revit 2016 a new parameter called Multiline text. Now he shares some issues that can become of using this parameter.

Revit 2016 Multiline Text Parameter and Shared Parameters

Now is time for your weekly dose of Landscape Architecture with Revit, courtesy of landarchBIM.

Spot Slope

have you been having issues with HUGE PDFs in Revit? You are not alone, see this post form RVIT.

Giant PDFs

If you have used Revit Schedules before you know they are pretty awesome, if you have not really got into them you then you need to check out this post on BIMblog.

Revit Schedules… the value more than adds up

The next couple of post come to us from BIMscape, enjoy!

Revit: Where’s my interface gone?

Revit: Setting the Thumbnail Preview image

Now let’s shift gears for a couple of Dynamo posts from Serial_NonStandard.

Curtain Panels by Level with Dynamo

Point Clouds in Dynamo

Lets keep with the multiple posts, this time with a couple o nice articles from Phil-osophy in BIM.

Revit Update Site – All in One Place

Directing Your Beam System

Back for some more Dynamo, check out this post from Enjoy Revit.

Physics in Revit

Even more Dynamo, this time about QA/QC and Structure from Simply Complex.

QA/QC your Revit Structural framing using the Structural Analytical Model

And just because we are having some much fun chatting about Dynamo here is one more from the CollectiveBIM, about Dynamo and IFCs.

Dynamo to Solibri using IFC via Anvil

Now for 2 related posts about, yup you guested it Dynamo.

Integrating XML with Dynamo via Lunchbox (the Proving Ground)

Dynamo and XML: the Sidetracked Reviteer (All things Revit, Dynamo and Python)

Now back to a post about what’s new in Revit 2016, this time a Video on how to use a feature form Revit OpEd.

Revit 2016 – Edit Multiple Wall Joins

Here are 2 new videos from IMAGINiT’s YouTube site (yes I’m the guy that made them) about what’s new in Revit 2016

Autodesk Revit 2016: Favorite New Features – Part 2

Autodesk Revit 2016: Favorite New Features – Part 3

Just in case you aren’t sick of new Revit Features here is a few more videos from Revit Structure Learning Curve.

Revit 2016 New features

Do you have issues with having your CAD Standards followed? Then check out this post from GrabCAD Blog.

Enforcing CAD standards without resorting to a book-to-the-head

Should you or Shouldn’t you upgrade to Revit 2016? See what Steve has to say about this at Revit OpEd.

Upgrade to Revit 2016 – Grumble grumble

Here is another good post from Revit OpEd.

Group Editing and Ceiling Hosted Elements

Microsoft and Trimble look to be getting together on some really cool stuff for Windows 10 and HoloLens. Find out more in this post from Extranet Evolution.

Holographic collaboration, anyone?

Are you looking for a book to read about Architecture and begin an Entrepreneur? Then check out this book review from the Revit Kid.

Book Review: Architect + Entrepreneur

Here is a post from IMAGINiT Building Solutions Blog about Levels and Grids.

Levels and Grids – Beginning to End

Last Friday was another TGIFF (Thank Goodness it’s FormIt Friday), check out what happened at the FormIt Blog

TGIFF episode #2

You can also check out the first TGIFF below


One last post from the FormIt Blog, this time about a nice place to enjoy a beer!

The FormIt Deck Chair

Lets look at a post about BIM 360 Glue and Navisworks, from Beyond Design.

BIM 360 Glue and Navisworks 2016: Real-time Collaboration is Here

If you work with creating families in Revit, then you will enjoy this post from BIM42.

Shared family

If you are working in A360 Collaboration for Revit (C4R) this is good to know (Microsolresources).

Backing up A360 Collaboration for Revit Models

Here are 2 interesting post from a new to me blog called ArchSmarter.

The Ultimate Guide to Revit Shortcuts

Easily Align Views on Sheets with this Revit Macro

I’ve been asked this next blogs question my self just a few days ago, would have been a hand blog to have then. (The 360 view)

A360 Viewer vs. Glue Viewer

I’m going to end this weeks Roundup with something less to do with BIM and more to do with Techie Cool Apps and the Cloud, yup a post about Dropbox.

You can now add comments to your Dropbox – Comments FAQ

P.S. After ending this weeks Roundup I found this post and wanted to share it too, its from the Guardian found via stowdesigned

Chinese construction firm erects 57-storey skyscraper in 19 days


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