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Weekly Roundup – 2015.16


The week that was in the world of BIM and other Techie fun stuff, for the week of Apr. 19th – Apr. 25th, 2015.

I will start this weeks post with a slightly dark view on Revit and its future, after all the joy of last weeks 2016 release this is a good check and balance by Paradigm Shift. (P.S. this post is over a year old, but after seeing what’s new in 2016, it still applies today)

Is Revit dead?

Now lets fast forward to this month and have a current post from Sean over at Paradigm Shift.

The year of Dynamo

Speaking of Dynamo, here is a short, simple and effective post from Simple Complex about Dynamo.

How to get a centerline from a structural column using DynamoBIM

How about 3D Grids in Revit using Dynamo? well check out All things Revit, Dynamo and Python to see it happen.

3D Grids in Revit using Dynamo

If you have been ready this blog the last few weeks then you are aware of the Barrel Vault Brace Series beginning done by Beside the Cursor, below is part 6.

Dynamo Barrel Vault Brace 06 (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5)

Here is a post from enjoy Revit about using Dynamo for Topo placed railing.

Railing on Topography

This time we are looking at a post about Dynamo and Lunchbox (a Dynamo package) in this post at The Proving Ground.

Integrating XML with Dynamo via Lunchbox

Lets shift gears and move to some Construction apps, this time focused on Safety from a ConAppGuru post.

The Five workflows for apps on construction projects (Safety)

Multiline text in Revit? are you curious, then check out this post from Revit OpEd.

2016 – Multiline Text Parameter Type

2016 – Multiline Text Follow Up

If you are looking for courses in Revit Architecture for Landscape, you now have a couple of options, and a discount (landarchBIM).

BIM Academy Announces Landscape Course 

Introductory Price $79 (USD)

For the MEP Revit users out there here is an article from AUGI about best practices.

New Best Practices for Plumbing

This tip was talked about a few posts ago, but worth a repeat if you missed it. (Cadline BIM Blog)

How to adjust your cameras field of view in Revit 2015

Here is another cool post from Cadline BIM Blog, this time about excel and Revit and Materials.

Easy editing of Type Catalogues for Revit using Excel

You like your current computer hardware / workstation……but you want more power! The check out thsi article in cadalyst

HP Unveils New Hardware Offerings that Prioritize Power

This week there is another great Podcast by BIMThoughts, this weeks guest is Phil Read.

BIMThoughts S1E5 Phil Read

Phil Read returned the favour to Bill Debevc from BIMThoughts but doing a nice RTC News post on him and his BIMThoughts podcast.

Pass the Mic!

For you coders and database geeks this next couple of posts are for you.

RevitLookup for Revit 2016 (Revit Coaster)

Revit 2016 API News and DevDays Online Recording  (The Building Coder)

Download Revitlookup for Revit 2016 (What Revit Wants)

This next series of post is for all you BIM 360 Field users out there, from The 360 View Blog.

Lab 1 “Hello Field World”

Lab 2 “Field API Intro”

Lab 3 “Field API Web Intro”

Lab 4 “Field API Web Intro Ex”

Here is another post from The 360 View, this time about the Glue API.

Creating a Merged Model from the Glue API

How about we shift gear and do some automatic modeling with BIM 42.

Automatic Modeling

Now for some Bluebeam tips from Carol Construction Technology Blog.

Bluebeam Tips:  Construction Safety Hazards using Pictograms

Now for some ACAD info, some more 2016 info to be exact, from CADLearning.

AutoCAD 2016 New Features – More PDF Power 

Keeping with the “what’s new” idea, here is post from the BIM Jedi about some new energy analysis features in Revit 2016.

Revit 2016 and the new Energy Analysis Features

Here is another post by BIM Jedi, which is a comment about Steve from Revit OpEd‘s post last week about justifying a Revit Manager. Scott basically explains that a Revit manager is different than a BIM manager.

Justifying a Revit Manager

I love RevitCat‘s stuff always interesting and just a little off the beaten path.

Weird Revit Railing Stuff – Part 4 – Handrail Terminations

Here is a landscape post about pots and planters, from landarchBIM.

Plantings in Pots and Planters

This is an interesting (in a head scratching type of way) post from Revit OpEd.

Restore all excluded intermittent ribbon button

How about some rendering tips for Revit, check out this post from What Revit Wants.

Get a head start with these Revit Rendering tips from Andre Aksetoy

Its never a bad idea to check the out of the box content for Revit each year a new versions come out, find out how the Revit Geek does it in this post.

Revit 2016 Content

Here is another post, this time form Revit OpEd about the new Door content in Revit 2016.

Revit 2016 – New Door Content

If you are an ACAD user and are wondering who to work with point clouds in ACAD, check out this post (ans video) from ASCENT Blog.

Working with Point Clouds in AutoCAD 2016

Keeping with the ACAD theme, you ever lose you command line and can’t get it back (I know I have)……if so you need to bookmark this post from IMAGINiT Support Blog.

AutoCAD: Command Line Missing? Let’s get it back

This post is about a cool new feature in ACAD 2016 from Beyond Design.

BIM 360 and Navisworks underlay in AutoCAD 2016

Because it’s that time of year when so many new products are coming out and being installed, here are some helpful posts from IMAGINiT Support Blog to help with all things install related.

Autodesk Installation: Download/Install

Autodesk Installation: What you need verify and update before installing your Autodesk software

Autodesk Installation: Quick guide to uninstalling Autodesk software

Desktop Subscription Activation Issues: Inaccurate time on system clock 

Desktop Subscription Activation Issues: Software doesn’t launch after serial number entered

Here are a few more great Dynamo Blog post from Havard Vasshaug aka The Dark Arts of Revit

Dynamo Video Tutorials

Dynanimator released: Animating Data Changes in Revit with Dynamo

Door Handing in Revit with Dynamo Update

It’s always a good week when there is a new Epic BIM post, even if this one is part post, part ad for the new Epic BIM Consultanys Inc.

We live in a 3D world. Why are we still using 2D supplemented from BIM.

This is a post for those working with IFC and Revit, from A Word on BIM.

IFC Exports from Revit

I’m going to end this weeks Roundup with some cool fossil fuel free hummers! (Line/Shape/Space)

Zero South will drive hummers to the south pole…..

4-23-2015 10-35-47 AM

source: Line/Shape/Space


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