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AU only a week away – So here are some Survival Tips

I will start by saying that these are not my Survival Tips (this is my 1st AU, so I will be using them) but they come from a friend, Scott over at the Revit Jedi. So I don’t feel to bad just re-posting his tips.

You can head over to Scott’s blog to see this post AU Survival Tips, or just read it below.

Shaan Hurley recently posted Autodesk University 2014 Survive and Thrive Tips

Here are a few of my own after going to AU… many times….

  • Good luck requesting a Humidifier for your room… they’re typically all gone by the time you remember. Just keep a glass of water by your bed at night.
  • Go outside at least once during the day, just to remind you what fresh air smells like.
  • Take a hand sanitise…. germs are everywhere !!!!
  • Sleep, trust me you’ll need it.. and I don’t mean during your (my) sessions.
  • Shaan mentions “static electricity”, this is a great opportunity to ZAP unwary bystanders.
  • Resist the urge to baa like a sheep during the line up at meal time… and if you do hear a sheep it’s not me!
  • Wear comfortable shoes, your going to be on your feet all day and walking for miles!
  • Meet as many people as you possibly can. This makes the AU experience more enjoyable and you can make some great contacts which you can meet net time you go. If you see me stop me and say hi. I’ll give you a Revit Jedi decal.
  • It’s Vegas, go down the Strip and also go see Fremont Street.
  • It’s Vegas, enjoy yourself… but remember your there for a conference which you paid good money to attend, don’t waste a day being hung over!
  • Make the event memorable… however don’t be “that guy” that everyone remember for the wrong reasons.
  • Travel light. Your packing that c#@!p around with you all day… you really don’t need your laptop! 
  • Sit at a different table during meals and introduce yourself to everyone at the table. Shaan suggests to take lots of business cards…. trust me you’ll need LOTS!
Finally, enjoy yourself !. 
It’s a great opportunity to meet people. I learn the most after the sessions when I talk to people.
See you there!
Also don’t forget to sign up for JJ’s and my session.
BM7557 – Real Revit set up and its partnership with a BIM Execution Plan
Now back to actual BIMsider content.
I too have a class being offered at AU this year, and there are 41 seats left (130 filled).

AC6640 – 60 Minutes, 30 Apps, 4 Categories, 2 Much Fun

This class is designed to provide a little fun as we explore some of the apps and add-ins that are out there for Autodesk, Inc., software. While the general flow of this class will be fun, you’ll discover some helpful apps that can increase your productivity as well. The class will cover 30 different apps, which fit into 4 different categories during this 60-minute class. The 4 categories will be: mobile, production, add-ins, and fun.

My class is Tuesday December 2nd 3:00 pm – 4:00 pm, South Seas G, Level 3

You can register here

Hope to see you there.

The BIMsider


P.S. there will be free giveaways in my session . I will be giving away 5 copies of the IMAGINiT Utilities for Revit 2015 (or version of your choice 2012 – 2015) on a 12 month stand-alone license.

Just remember to you have to be there to win!

The BIMsider

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