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Weekly Roundup – 2014.18


The week that was in the world of BIM and other Techie fun stuff, for the week of Nov. 16th – Nov. 22nd.

If you use or are thinking about using the app PlanGrid then you should check out this post by Construction App Guru first to find out about the new features.

PlanGrid App Update #3

There are lots of good reasons to share this next post by talkBIM, but I’m doing it simply because of the awesome pun in the title, check it out for yourself

Steel not convinced? talkBIM featured in AISD news!

If you have ever worked in a support role in an Architectural office, weather it was CAD, BIM, or some mix of both Support then you should spend a few minutes and read this post from BIM Freak. I have personally been in this role a few times, and in fact back in the day I worked with Laura from BIM Freak in the same office doing the same role. Enjoy the post, and your SWAG and have a little smile.

Enjoying the Support Role

Here is a post by What Revit Wants on a new NWC Batch export tool from BIM One. Spoiler alert this might find its way into my AU Presentation as a Bonus Add-in.

NWC Batch Export

Here is another Add-in review from What Revit Wants, this time about an Batch printing and exporting.

Automatic Batch printing and Exporting

Here is another post by What Revit wants about a post he found about BIM, Revit, FM and Health.

BIM, Revit, Fm and Health (What Revit Wants post)

BIM’s Role expands as health Facility managers Take Ownership (AHDC Post)

If you are looking at the post above and you aren’t sure what FM (Facilities Management) really is then his next post form IMAGINiT BSD Blog is for you.

FM 101 for Executives 

intellectual Property (IP) can be (read is) a sticky think when it comes to BIM, everyone wants you to share yours, but you are crazy if you ask for mine…….or something like that. Practical BIM tries to make sense out of the IP question

IP – it is not all ours, get used to it

Who likes free? That’s right everyone, so you better check out this new FREE project management platform Geniebelt. To learn more, and to see if its for you head over to Construction App Guru and see what Rob has to say about it.

New Free Project Management Platform: Geniebelt

This week we have a couple good posts from Revit OpEd, which is pretty normal Steve is always putting out good stuff.

Importing CAD Files and By Shared Coordinates

Username and Local Files

Have you ever really thought about BIM, and said to yourself that BIM really is like a game of hockey (or any other team sport) well if yo have you are not alone. Check out the post over at BIM blog about just that idea, BIM as a team sport.

BIM is a team sport

How do you stop the dreaded “Plague of the Meetings”? You can start by checking out the A360 blog, they have 3 ways to do just that.

Improve Productivity: 3 ways to Stop the Meeting plague

So what’s the deal with Point Clouds? Good question, you can learn more at the AECbytes blog.

Putting Point Clouds to Work: Then, Now, & Later

If you are a Clarity user (or thinking about becoming one) then this post from the IMAGINiT Support Blog may help with some PDF issues

Clarity PDF Task Sheets Out of Order

And I end this weeks post with a picture to remind us how quick things change………..



Have a Great Weekend

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