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Weekly Roundup – 2014.19


The week that was in the world of BIM and other Techie fun stuff, for the week of Nov. 23rd – Nov. 29th.

This is kind of interesting, and until I read about it on What Revit Wants I didn’t know it was a thing (of course t is still in Beta so maybe I’m not the only one) but seems there is a Design Academy from Autodesk.

In case you missed it – Design Academy Beta is now Live

Another post from What Revit Wants with a different way to look at LOD, maybe simplify it a little.

A different take on LODs

On last weeks Roundup (Actually 2 weeks ago) I had a post from The Construction App Guru on new Safety Apps, while this week he has posted part 2.

New Safety Apps (Part 2)   (Part 1 if you missed it)

Ever wonder how to do an Angled Arched Beam in Revit, well wonder no more thanks to The Revit Kid

Revit Tutorial – Angled Arched Beams

You can now edit your RPC’s with Entourage Workshop right in Revit, so more in this What Revit Wants post.

 Entourage Workshop

Here is a nice Dynamo Tutorial and data-set for download from BIM Troublemaker. I missed this when it was originally posted, but lucky What Revit Wants had a re-post of it this week to remind me I missed it.

Dynamo Tutorial Presentation

Another good post that I missed a few weeks from HOK BIM Solutions about Underlay Visibility Issues, this time I was reminded by Do U Revit.

Underlay Visibility Issue in Linked Models

I don’t normally get into a lot of ID (Interior Design) Stuff on this blog, but this artificial by The Midnight Lunch is for sure worth a read.

Do Revit and Interior Design go together?

In case you missed my blog post yesterday (Tuesday Nov. 25th) about Revit Survival tips, here are the two blogs a got the tips from.

Between the LinesAutodesk University 2014 Survive and Thrive Tips

The Revit Jedi – AU Survival Tips

Some of you that use Navisworks may already know abut this “Known Issue” with no suitable geometry when export form Revit to Navisworks in 2015. What Revit Wants has a post this week that talks about a work around that might help you out with this “Know Issue”.


New release of Dynamo, version 0.7.4 is now out. You can find out all about it on the Dynamo Blog.

Dynamo 0.7.4 Release

Problem with the 2015 Navisworks quantification, and the fixes courtesy of the IMAGINiT BSD Blog.

Navisworks Quantification 2015 Unit Problems and Fixes

Another good post from the IMAGINiT BSD Blog about Multi-Category Schedules in Revit

Multi-Category Schedules in Revit

I will end this weeks Roundup with an article from arch daily about the 10 tallest buildings of 2015.


Have a Great Weekend, and see you at AU!

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