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Weekly Roundup – 2014.17


The week that was in the world of BIM and other Techie fun stuff, for the week of Nov. 9th – Nov. 15th

This week we start off with a post on Drones from the Guru over at Construction Apps Guru.

Drones interview (Part 2)   If you missed part one you can find it here

If you are going to be at AU in a few weeks you should swing by the A360 booth and find out about all the new things coming down the pipe for rendering with A360. You can learn more from the post listed below form the A360 Blog.

A360 Rendering Fun @ Autodesk University 2014

Have you ever wondered what might happen at the cross roads of BIM (or what the cross roads of BIM might be?) well them take a left at curiosity lane and head on over to the Revit Jedi and find out his thought of just that.

Initiating Change

Trimble is growing into the AEC space some more with a couple of announcements this week. The first I comes from Think BIM and lets us know that Trimble has acquired amtech, a leader in the UK MEP industry construction software solutions.

Put that in your pipe

The next bit of Trimble news come from Linkedin group Field BIM that tells us of a strange partnership between Trimble and Bentley to make BIM better for all through construction modeling. See original post below from Bentley’s website.

Bentley and Trimble advance BIM through construction modeling

If you work on a construction site, and deal with the safety of that site then you need to read this post from the Construction App Guru about what’s out there (and new) in the Safety App world.

New Safety Apps

You ever have a deadline at the office……Okay so I know that’s I trick questions everyone has office deadlines, and some more than others. Maybe this post form the team at the A360 Blog might help with the next one.

3 Tips for meeting deadlines    (Where were these tips last night as I typed away like a mad man to get my AU 2014 handout in on time. No matter how much time I have never seems like enough, must be that I need to leave it to the last minute to really get the creative juices flowing……..yeah I’m going with that one.)

This next post contains the magical secrets of relocating projects in Revit, the secrets are reveals by Steve at Revit OpEd

Relocate Project is Slight of Hand

This next post from Revit OpEd about 2D settings for Grid lines might not be magic, but its a trick worth knowing.

Enable 2D setting for Multiple grid lines

Have you ever wondered how to do QTO with Navisworks? Well What Revit Wants has posted about some free tutorials on line from Autodesk that just might help get you up and running.

Free model based estimating and takeoff tutorial

The team at BIM Blog has posted some links to help you do Green Building from the Start with Revit and other Autodesk software, add-ins, and cloud tools.

Green Building from the Start

Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad BIM does a Fro-back Friday on his blog this week to remind everyone about BIM Execution plans…..again

BIM Execution…..Again

Do you code? If and you use Revit you should check out The Building Coder, most if its over my head, but I know you are all smarter than me so go forth and code!

Futureproofing and Determining Intersecting Elements

There is never any “Shades of Grey” when it comes to toilets in Revit……..or is there?

Yet more Toilets

If you are working with colour plan in Revit, you should check out this post from Revittize about it.

Room/Area Colour Schemes

The RevitCat talks about weirs stair stuff in this weeks post.

Weird Revit Stair Stuff – Stairs in Groups

I’m going to add a little ACAD content to this weeks post, so if you are going to AU this year you should check out Jarod Schultz Class “Super Duper Click Saver” so you save some picks and clicks in your everyday ACAD work.

Hit 276 People for my Autodesk University Class

This is a really fun post from BIM Troublemaker, some cool modeling in Revit and a nice tie in to a cool building and a super cool car.

Ferrari World Abu Dhabi in Revit

Here are a couple of good posts from BIM 42

AutoCAD Civil 3D to Revit

Getting started programming Revit

For those of you that have not tried Revit 2015 R2 (or maybe don’t have access) BIM & BEAM fill us in on a cool new inclusion for it.

Dynamo Now Pre-Installed with Revit

I’m a little behind with this post, but FormIt is really cool, so you should check out this blog post about it from the Autodesk FormIt Blog

Design is a Team Sport

Now a little content for the Revit Strcutre folks in the crowd from the Autodesk Revit Structure Blog

Revit 2015 Tutorial – Creating Filters for Structural Modelling and Documentation

As mentioned earlier in this weeks post, I get the benefit of all the API and visual programming that became all the rage these days but have yet sat down and really learned (played) with any of it. So I will leave that up to the people that know, like the people at arCHI+Lab

analysis visualization with ladybug & mantis shrimp

If you use BIM 360 and are not sure about the Sovereignty of the data (yes big word on a Saturday morning before my first coffee). What Revit wants posted on this topic and gave a link to a video from AU2014 AUx

Data Sovereignty and Autodesk Cloud Products like BIM360 (at AU2014 AUx)

And on that “not enough coffee” note, I will end this weeks post with this little gem.


Have a Great Weekend

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