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Weekly Roundup – 2014.15


The week that was in the world of BIM and other Techie fun stuff, for the week of Oct. 26th – Nov. 1st

If you are looking for some good construction apps, you can’t go wrong checking out The Construction App Guru. This week he had a couple of posts form a resent presentation about some useful apps for in the field.

CMAA Presentation: Apps for Construction

CMAA Conference Debrief 

More love for Dynamo and all the things it can do (seems almost limitless) This time via What Revit Wants

How to get Energy Analysis for Dynamo – Open Beta (CORE studio)

From Rhino to Revit with Dynamo, Grasshopper, Python and mantis shrimp

Here is an excellent tip for Parameters and families in Revit form Revit OpEd.

Visible Parameter and Associates Family Parameter

If you are brave and don’t mind a little coding check out this post about editing your Navisworks Shortcuts, provided by What Revit Wants

Editing Keyboard Shortcuts in Navisworks

Super Nanny to the rescue…….check out Revit beyond BIM to learn how to raise your Revit model.

Raise your Revit model: Structural Modeling meets Quantification

Another post from Revit beyond BIM this time about some new (or updated) join geometry features in Revit 2015

Switching geometric join order for multiple elements

Steve from Revit OpEd shares what he found out when he tested a new addin to allow a java script to play with Revit.

Occupancy Calculation and JavaScripts

Scott from the Revit Jedi has been doing some cool stuff with VR in his office (AEC Firm), learn more in this post.

Virtual Reality and it impact on Design

Looking for a fast easy way to renumber views on sheets? If so check out this post from the IMAGINiT BSD Blog about the 2015 versions of the IMAGINiT Utilities For Revit.

Renumber Revit Views on Sheets

The AECBytes blog take a look at the “Internet of Things” this week in their blog post, check it out below.

The Internet of Things

This week there was an update set free for A360, see all it contained in this blog post from the A360 Blog (hint multi-file download and better folders)

Check out whats new in the latest update

the team at Revit Beyond BIM has been on fire this week, here is another cool post about showing walls as hidden lines in a ceiling plan

Showing Cut Patterns of hidden walls in ceiling plans

If you are like me and not one of the lucky ones that is at RTCEUR this weekend in Dublin, then you might want to check out Boost your BIM as Harry is once again blogging (and tweeting @BoostYourBIM) is RTCEUR wish list. Below is just one of the wishes, #3 to be exact, check his blog for all of them.

#RTCEUR Wish 3″ Scheduling adaptive point location values

Having issues with annotation line weight from a linked file? Well maybe this post from What Revit Wants can help……or maybe not?

Line weight issues

More info on what BIM ROI should look like, and how to quantify it from the BIM Blog

BIM ROI in more Detail

I will end this weeks Roundup with another classic from the great people over at Architexts…… sure to check them out often.

11-1-2014 10-10-11 AM

Have a Great Weekend

The BIMsider

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