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Weekly Roundup – 2014.16


The week that was in the world of BIM and other Techie fun stuff, for the week of Nov. 2nd – Nov. 8th

This week we start with another be announcement from Trimble as they move more and more into the Heart of the AEC space and put more pressure on Autodesk. Trimble announces an MEP platform extension for SketchUp, check out the TenLinks blog for more info.

Trimble MEPdesigner for SketchUp Announced

This next post is technically from last week, but I missed it so you get to enjoy it this week. BIM 42 give a review of using BIM 360 Glue as a project review tool.

Project Review with BIM 360 Glue

Here is another good post that I missed from last week, but you should still check it out from The Revit Geek

Revit Basics – Group Origin Points

If you follow my blog (yeas all 16 of you) then you know that pretty much every week I have a post or 2 from the Construction App Guru, this week is no different. He has started a new feature on his blog called “App-View” where in interviews people involved with some of the best and most popular construction apps out there. This week he post 2 of these interviews for 2 great apps.

App-View #3 PlanGrid

App-View #4 FotoIn Mobile

Those same 16 followers will also know that What Revit Wants also appears weekly in my Roundup posts, this week I’ve got 3 nuggets of Wisdom form Luke over there at WRW.

Gteam is now called Trimble Connect for BIM

Using Able2Extract to convert PDFs to Vector information for use in CAD and BIM

What does BIM for MEP look like in 2014?

Steve over at Revit OpEd had a post this week talking about ways to learn and understanding Dynamo (more on Dynamo later on) by checking out the Dynamo website

Dynamo Tip and Fourm

In related Dynamo news the latest stable release we let out into the world this week Version 0.7.3, learn more about it in the latest Dynamo Blog

Dynamo 0.7.3 Release

Direct link to 0.7.3 download

Another little bit of Dynamo love from arCHI+lab

View Organization management with Dynamo

What happens when Rhino and Dynamo get together? You get Rhynamo, learn more from this blog post at The Proving Ground

Rhynamo – An Open Source Project

This next post is one I can’t speak too as I’m a PC guy to the core, no MAC for me (I did sip the Apple kool-aid and have an iPad for work). However I do know that many people do want to run Revit on a Mac so hopefully this post from BIM Outsourcing can help.

How to Install Revit for Mac Device

What is the cloud and how can I use it in my engineering company? Well if you are asking yourself this questions then you should check out this post from the A360 Blog about just that.

5 Things Enterprises Must Know about Cloud Applications for Engineering

if you use Navsiworks 2015 check out this post from IMAGINiT Technologies Support Blog about the new 2015 PDF reader Add-in.

Navisworks 2015 – Add PDFs to your project

If you haven’t visited the Revit Kid lately over on his page, swing by and take a look at his new Homepage.

New Homepage! Plus, Updates and News!

Below is a link to a post from the Revit Jedi, which is a fun little post about all the stuff he track round with him, but the best part of the post is the last 2 sentences under the picture!

Keep your staff engaged, run regular training and information sessions that includes all offices. You have the opportunity to be the “glue” that helps bind the offices together.

That’s important!

Check out the rest of the post here: Travelling Road “Train” Style

Are you interested in learning a little more about the newest BIM 360 app “BIM 360 Layout” then check out this post from Beyond Design

Extending the BIM 360 ecosystem with component content

Here is a good post for some easy Revit filters for Elevations form the BIMChicks

Easy Revit Filters for Elevations

Are you wondering do I need Revit 2015 or can I make do with Revit 2015 LT? Well check out this post over at CADZulu

Revit vs Revit LT

Keeping on the Revit LT train, here is another point of view (much more in-depth) on Revit Lt from the RevitCAT

Revit LT – Is it any good?

If like me you didn’t make it to RTCEUR in Dublin last week, yu can get a small fix here from Jay Zallan’s blog Fear and Loathing in a CAD vs BIM world as he shares his class info (and files)

RTCEUR 2014 Jay Zallan’s Class

More RTCEUR love from the Dark Arts of Revit Blog


I don’t give enough love to ACAD in the blog (some might say I still give it to much) here is a post form Lynn Allen’s Blog about offsets in ACAD.

Are you getting the most out of your Offsets in AutoCAD?

Trimble released SketchUp 2015 this week, learn more from the SketchUpdate Blog

Sharpening SketchUp for 2015

Have you worked with Revit Curtain wall doors? (or what graphically settles for curtain wall doors) whether you have or haven’t you should check out this post form Revittize

Revit Curtainwall Doors

This is a good post if you are thinking about (or are already) looking at using rental software from Autodesk, go to the Up and Ready blog for more info.

Quick Start: Setting up your Autodesk Desktop Rental Software

I will end this weeks post (long long post) with a funny, hope you enjoy.

Have a Great Weekend

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