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Weekly Roundup – 2014.14


The week that was in the world of BIM and other Techie fun stuff, for the week of Oct. 19th – Oct. 25th

We will start this week off with one of many post from Revit OpEd (good to see Steve back to posting up a storm on his blog), this post is about an issue that can arise when using worksets to mange links in Revit 2015.

Revit 2015 – Closing a Workset and Linked File Ownership Conflict

Another post from Revit OpEd, this time for the MEP crowd.

Revit MEP Pipe Appearance in Sections

Some more MEP infor for Revit, this time coming form What Revit Wants, the age old questions – Overlay or Attachment?

MEP Space Bounding and Revit Links – Overlay or Attachment

Now we switch hats, and grab that old beat up hardhat off the shelf and head over to the Construction App Guru to learn more about some Punch List apps that are out there.

Punch List App Options

If you like to use BIM for all that it can do for Building Performance, it has been a good week. Over at the BIM blog they touch on 3 big things from that area that came out this week.

A Great Week for Building Performance

the Autodesk Blog In The Fold also shared it’s take on the new products out this week for Building performance

Autodesk Expands Software Portfolio for Designing High Performance Buildings and Infrastructure 

One more post about Building Performance – this time on the Building Lifecycle side (sweet Infographic alert!) in the IMAGINiT BSD Blog

Building Lifecycle Management Explained

This has also been a big week Navisworks learning to play nice together with Rhino and Dynamo! Here is a couple of posts from Luke over at What Revit Wants about it.

Free Rhino to Navisworks addin

Using Dynamo with Navisworks to Automate Common Tasks (using DynaWorks) (this post also introduced me to the blog Stuff and BIMs you shoudl check it out too)

A few weeks ago I posted a blog from the Revit Kid in which he told us all about another BIM blog called Curtainwall BIM, well he is at it again this time Jeff is pointing us to a great little post by Curtain wall BIM about creating your own curtainwall mullion profiles, so if you having been looking to do this look no further. Just remember nothing can kill your model faster than an overly complicated mullion profile (especially if you model is curtain wall heavy) so keep that in mind when you are creating your custom profile…….less is more for sure in this case.

Revit Tutorial – Creating a custom Mullion profile (Curtainwall BIM)

Now that Revit (2015) allows us the link in IFC files directly from the ribbon here is a handy chart that Luke post on What Revit Wants about what can be copy monitored in an IFC (Tekla) file.

Copy / Monitor – Tekla Structures vs Revit Structure (chart was created by Tekla for what that’s worth)

10-25-2014 9-16-58 AM

Do you and your company require that the location of your file (drawing) be listed somewhere on the sheet? If this is so Revit OpEd has an interesting post about it and how you might want to go about doing it in Revit.

Including a sheet file name and path

Something a little different, how to handle your emails in an effective AND collaborative way. This is a post form the A360 Blog.

Getting out of Email: The Biggest Roadblock to Effective Collaboration

To end this Weeks Roundup here is a story about a student that turned an old school bus in to his home, post brought to us by guff

An Architecture Student Couldn’t Afford Housing

10-25-2014 9-32-11 AM

Have a Great Weekend

The BIMsider

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