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Fix for Structural Analysis Tool Kit 2015 Error in Revit

If like me you have been receiving an error to do with the Structural Analysis Tool Kit 2015 over the last week or so since installing Revit 2015 Update Release 6, a fix is here.

2-6-2015 8-04-57 AM

The image above is of the offending error, and basically it happens because the Structural Analysis Toolkit 2015 was install before the Revit 2015 Update release 6 was installed.

Autodesk has just released an updated version of the Structural Analysis Toolkit 2015 that can be downloaded free from the exchange site.

You need to uninstall your current version in order to install the recent one.


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Revit 2015 R2 is out and waiting for you to download – As long as you are on Subscription

Yesterday Autodesk released a mid-season update or R2 as it was called for Revit 2015. This new release has some cool new features and tweaks that improve on Revit 2015 R1. Of course you can only take advantage of these new features and tweaks if you are a Subscription customer of Autodesk – See note below from Autodesk

“Note: These enhancements are available only to Autodesk Maintenance and Desktop Subscription customers for Revit 2015 software releases.”

One of the biggest things that came out with the Revit R2 was a new (well new to Autodesk) extension called Site Designer Extension for Revit 2015, which is a repacked versions of EaglePoint’s Siteworks.

I was going to write something witty about this but ThinkBIM beat me to it, and his is to good to beat, so I will share his masterpiece:

A Site for Sore Eyes! Revit gets some Site Tools (Finally!)

You can also find out more about Revit 2015 R2 in the Autodesk In The Fold Blog post linked below:

Autodesk Revit 2015 Subscribers get a Slew of New Capabilities with “R2” update 

You can also take a look at the ‘What’s New with Revit 2015 R2″ help page (thanks to Revit OpEd for pointing with his post on the update)

What’s New in Revit 2015 R2

Now stop reading and start downloading!

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