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Autodesk Expert Elite

This week I was honored to be invited to join the Autodesk Expert Elite Program.

The program itself is really about the AECO community and those within it helping others but sharing knowledge and experience.

The Expert Elite program recognizes customers around the world who contribute to the Autodesk Community by sharing their product knowledge, best practices and expertise. By acting as leaders and being actively involved, Expert Elites help our customer community to thrive.

From the Autodesk Expert Elite Page

Yesterday BIM Track congratulated me on my achievement and shared the news with the industry.

This is when it really hit me the amazing group of people from the AECO and BIM world I had just joined as part of this program. There was “welcome to the team” messages and thumbs-ups from likes of Kimberly Fuhrman, Deepak Maini, Jarod Schultz, Rina Sahay, John Pierson, Daniel Stine, Jonathan Hand, Jason Boehning, Purvi Irwin and Marcello Sgambelluri to name a few. So I really hope I can do my part to help the community in just a small way to be worthy of this group!

If you know someone out there that you think should be part of the Autodesk Expert Elite program you can nominate them using the link below:

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