Digital Built Week Americas 2022 – A Recap

From June 14th to June 16th, 2022 DBEI held their Digital Built Week Americas event in Anaheim California, USA at the Anaheim Convention Center.

This was the first BILT event in North America since 2019 in Seattle, and only the 2nd BILT event since the BILT Europe 2019 event in October 2019 (The first being BILT ANZ 2021, in March 2022). The convention center is right across the street from Disneyland, and there were signs all around 😜

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AU 2020 – Going Virtual

It is that time of year again, seeing old friends that you haven’t seen since last year, bright lights, lots of music, even more walking…yes Autodesk University is in the air! Of course, with it be 2020 nothing will normal and we won’t all be gathered together in Las Vegas next week. This year AU is going virtual, starting Nov. 17th and going until Nov. 20th and it is FREE for everyone! You can still register HERE.

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Autodesk Expert Elite

This week I was honored to be invited to join the Autodesk Expert Elite Program.

The program itself is really about the AECO community and those within it helping others but sharing knowledge and experience.

The Expert Elite program recognizes customers around the world who contribute to the Autodesk Community by sharing their product knowledge, best practices and expertise. By acting as leaders and being actively involved, Expert Elites help our customer community to thrive.

From the Autodesk Expert Elite Page

Yesterday BIM Track congratulated me on my achievement and shared the news with the industry.

This is when it really hit me the amazing group of people from the AECO and BIM world I had just joined as part of this program. There was “welcome to the team” messages and thumbs-ups from likes of Kimberly Fuhrman, Deepak Maini, Jarod Schultz, Rina Sahay, John Pierson, Daniel Stine, Jonathan Hand, Jason Boehning, Purvi Irwin and Marcello Sgambelluri to name a few. So I really hope I can do my part to help the community in just a small way to be worthy of this group!

If you know someone out there that you think should be part of the Autodesk Expert Elite program you can nominate them using the link below:

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DoC Event #009 – Dynamo and its Grasshopper equivalent using Rhino.Inside®.Revit

This is a joint event with DoE

Date: Wednesday, June 24th, 2020

Time: 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm MDT

Location: Online via Zoom

This will be the Third DoC event of the 2019 – 2020 season. Event #009 will feature a remote presentation about Dynamo, Grasshopper & R.I.R. from Marcello Sgambelluri of John A. Martin & Associates

Dynamo and its Grasshopper equivalent using Rhino.Inside®.Revit

Presented by Marcello Sgambelluri of John A. Martin & Associates (virtual session)

There is a new technology that is emerging in the AECO+ industry. It is called Rhino Inside Revit and it allows Revit to access all of Rhino’s powerful functionally including Grasshopper.

So, we decided to avoid turning this session into another “intro to Rhino.Inside.Revit”. Instead, let’s look at Grasshopper for Revit in a different light. This session will show all of you Dynamo for Revit users how to make equivalent functions in Grasshopper including creating Revit Beams, Revit Walls and even Moose…

Let’s find out what Grasshopper for Revit is really made of!

So if you want to have a fun time please join us and don’t forget to bring all your questions and concerns up to the presenter to keep the session lively.

Register today for this FREE event by clicking the banner below, or going to

Event Zoom Sponsor is:

See you there!

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Introducing The BILT Academy Podcast

This is a cross-post with the BILT Academy Blog.

On May 28th, 2020 The BILT Academy Podcast was born, with the publishing of Episode Zero!  

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#CANBIMCGY20 – Calgary Virtual Session 2020 – June 16th

If you have not signed up yet for the CanBIM Calgary Virtual Session next week, what are you waiting for!

This event is Tuesday, June 16th, 2020, 8:45 am – 4:45 pm EDT

The Future of Work
Designing Resiliency and Building Safety Post-COVID

Predicting how our world will be impacted due to COVID-19 is difficult. Obviously, this crisis has already affected the building industry from a productivity perspective and will have a permanent effect on how we consider safety for our workers. As we consider these impacts we should expect an additional level of attention in design to be paid to Infectious Disease Control beyond Hospital environments. We should, therefore, expect that architectural design and specifications, specifically the physical gateways that control our built environment, will accommodate the technology systems and processes necessary to keep Society safe. What role will infectious disease specialists play in the design process? How will the building’s IOT strategy accommodate and collect the data required to help Society perform epidemiological contact tracing? What will be the new requirements for design?  How will this impact existing buildings and future projects? What are the long term supply chain implications? We are gathering the top minds in Canada to start the discussion around this subject. Please join us!

You can register now:


Here is a discount code for when you register using the link below:

CanBIM Calgary Virtual Session 2020 Registration

PARTNERCGY2020% off for Partners (& BIMsider Readers)
You can email to get a member/student discount code.
It’s going to be a great event!
See you virtually there,

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