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Weekly Roundup – 2019.34

The BIMsider’s favourite posts from the world of BIM –  for the week of Aug. 18th – Aug. 24th,  2019.


I’m going to start this week’s Roundup off with a 2 part post from Petr Mitev in Towards Data Science

Data Visualization For Everyone Pt 1

Data Visualization For Everyone Pt 2

2) Some great stuff going on over at the Shades of Grey blog dealing with a crowdsourced Notre Dame Cathedral model.




3) It has been a while since I’ve shared any Bluebeam content, well this week that changes with this post from Carol on her blog Hagen Business Systems.

Bluebeam Tip: Spell Check

4) In case you missed any of Dan’s posts this week on his blog BIM Chapters here is his weekly recap.

BIM 360 Design – Revit Links are Smarter than the Average Bear

BIM 360 Design – Easy Upgrade Button

Revit 2020.1 Update Released – What’s New?

Off Topic: 360 Video of my Bike Ride Home from Work

5) Are you looking for a high score combo this week? The check out this post from Brodi on the BIM Track Blog.

Hack your BIM Track with 8 Combo Codes

6) This post from BIM Village is in French but Google can help with that…people need to know about BIM 360 Design and BYOS!

[More] Autodesk BIM 360 Design in BYOS mode

7) Some more Revit Schedules & Dynamo this week from the RevitCat blog.

PS – Update on Hide Zeros in Revit Schedules

Dynamo Version in Revit 2020.1

8) A new Dynamo Core is out in the wild, learn more in the post from the Dynamo Blog.

Dynamo Core 2.3 Release

9) Some things to think about when doing BIM Coordination, by the XS CAD blog.

Elements to consider in 3D BIM coordination

10) It was also a big week Revit as version 2020.1 was released along with a few other goodies, learn more in these posts from the Revit Blog.

Revit Public Roadmap – August 2019

What’s new in Revit 2020.1

Integrated MEP systems analysis with Revit 2020.1

Autodesk Structural Precast Extension for Revit 2020.1 – The Fifth Element Has Arrived

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