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#DBWNA 2019 – Summer Fun in Seattle

We are just about 4 weeks away from this year’s Digital Built Week North America #DBWNA in Seattle, WA  June 14th – 20th, 2019.

Will you be attending? WIll you be speaking? Are you going to be taking part in the Hackathon? It is going to be a busy week with some much to do for all those in the AECO industry!

If you have not registered you can still do so, but don’t wait too long as many of the sessions are sold out, or almost sold out!

Register for BILT NA, BCS, Data Day, and Hackathon – DTS = SOLDOUT.

Back in February this year I had a good email day when I received two acceptance emails for BILT NA 2019 and for the first time an acceptance email for BCS NA 2019.

Session 1.2 – Thursday, July 18th, 11:30 am – 12:45 pm – Room 707 – BILT NA 

  •  Topic: Roundtable: Construction From a Model in the Wild
  • Session Abstract: This will be a roundtable discussion that looks at the current BIM and VDC workflows to see if they are currently feasible to build from a model, instead of the construction documents, which we now use to build from. During this roundtable, we will engage in an open discussion about the current VDC and BIM workflows, and how those workflows design, then deliver a project to be constructed? Are these current workflows at a technological level that we could dismiss construction documents and just use the model(s) as the deliverable? If we are at a place where we can make the model(s) a deliverable (and the jury is still out on that) is that model(s) actually enough to build a project from? And finally, if we are not at a level yet to build projects from the model or models without any other documentation, then what is needed to take that next step?


Session 1.5 – Thursday, July 18th, 4:55 pm – 6:10 pm – Room 702 – BCS NA

  •  Topic: AEC Professionals Are from Mars, Owners Are from Venus
  • Session Abstract: As the title would suggest, what owners want (need) out of their BIM is worlds away from what the architects, engineers and contractors need to build the owner’s building. This session will discuss BIM-related challenges from both the AEC professional and owner’s perspective. We will also discuss why each side has their own unique takes on what is required within a BIM, and why. Once an understanding of the unique needs is established, a roadmap can be developed that will enable collaboration through design, construction, commissioning and facilities management. A hopeful outcome of this session is to shed some light on the AEC vs Owner challenges, and how each side could assist the other. The gap between the AEC and the Owner need to be closed to truly take BIM out of this world.

Session 3.3 – Saturday, July 20th, 1:00 pm – 2:15 pm – Room ELWHA A – BILT NA

  •  Topic: How to Code-ish…
  • Session Abstract: Are you a programmer? No, that is good then, because this is the session for you. In the rapidly changing and evolving AEC industry it has become apparent that having an understanding of how to code, even a little, can be a real advantage. In this session, we will look at resources that can help you learn how to “code-ish” your way to quick solutions and get back to work. There are resources for everyone’s taste: free, paid, books, videos, and of course conference classes. We will explore some popular programming languages for the AEC industry like Python and C#, and how they can kick up your Dynamo a notch. The goal of this session is not to make you a programmer. The goal is to give you some information, resources, and tips to allow you to code a solution when appropriate, and to know when “code-ish” skills are not enough.

I’m also helping Marcello Sgambelluir as co-speaker along with Jason Boehning and John Pierson for his Roundtable.

Session 2.2 – Friday, July 19th, 11:20 am – 12:35 pm Room 707 – BILT NA

  • Speaker: Marcello Sgambelluir
  • Topic: Roundtable: 4 Perspectives on the Changing Face of AECO+ in 2019 and Beyond
  • Session Abstract: The landscape of AECO+ is ever changing. What better way to stay ahead of the curve than to be treated to four perspectives from experts in the industry on that topic. Marcello Sgambelluri, John Pierson, Jason Boehning and Carl Storms will present, in a ‘TED’ Talk format, how the AECO+ industry is changing and how you could change and adapt with it in 2019 and beyond.
    • Marcello – ‘Defining and rethinking the next job position to deal with the evolution in technology in AECO+’ Ever wanted to rethink how your advanced tech is managed and adapted in your office? It should be time to consider a new position. This is just a natural evolution of the AECO+ industry from CAD manager to BIM manager to Director of Design Technology to a Director of Advanced technology. This is only possible by getting the right personal teams at your office and the partners involved early.
    • John–  Part Leveraging Computation while Having Fun and Helping Others? During this talk, I want to highlight the benefits of having fun while developing some heavy hitting workflows. While bombing slack with hundreds of messages sent from Dynamo seems ridiculous, the knowledge gained is quite useful, (data tracking for Revit in slack anyone?). Another topic mixed in will be the value to be had in helping others and sharing knowledge. Before AU 2014, This talk aims to discuss my journey from knowing very little about computation to being someone who is now teaching others who are in the same seat I was in. When I initially learned Dynamo, I was eager to learn and help others. My world has gotten a lot bigger.
    • Carl – ‘How Social Media affects the way we learn and engage in the AECO+ industry in 2019’ This session will look at how Social Media has played a part in the growth and adoption of BIM around the world. Think of all the places you have used to find information: Blogs, Podcasts, Vodcasts, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, even Facebook. Social Media allows us to consume our information where and when we want, and often as soon as it’s available. Just because information is easily available doesn’t mean it’s well researched, fairly presented, or even accurate.
    • Jason – The Impact of the Building Trades in the AECO+ Industry? I’m sure you’ve heard of the labour shortage in construction and the fact that a four-year college degree isn’t the same as it used to be. As it turns out, the building trades have a solution for both of these problems. This talk will focus on how the building trades are transforming the AECO+ industry. From the way buildings are designed and constructed to the way high school kids view education, the building trades are having an impact. Kids can now come out of high school and get paid to learn a craft. Then they can fill valuable roles in construction. All of this improves the economy and our society.

I will also be helping out as a lab assistant for two labs during BILT NA this year.

Session 2.5 – Friday, July 19th, 4:45 pm – 6:00 pm – Room 501 – BILT NA 

  • Speaker: Jason Boehning
  • Topic: Lab: Leveraging Dynamo for MEP Analytics
  • Session Abstract: Dynamo is great for inputting information, linking parameters together, and performing calculations. However, Dynamo can also be a great tool for tracking the information and components in building information models. For example, with large projects, there can be hundreds of spaces with thousands of components. Revit can track this information in schedules, but only to a certain extent. With Dynamo, you can track the information and ensure that it is correct. You can also write the data to Excel or use custom packages to visualize the data in various ways. You can use Dynamo to extract information from architectural models or check for model conditions when beginning a design. Then, you can track information in the MEP model as the design progresses. You can simply visualize this data, or you can compare it to other information for quality assurance. With Dynamo, all the information in a model is available to you.

Session 3.1 – Saturday, July 20th, 9:00 am – 10:15 am – Room 501 – BILT NA 

  • Speaker: John Pierson
  • Topic: Lab: Turn Dynamo up to 11 with Python
  • Session Abstract: Dynamo has gained a lot of momentum. Every year we see more and more Dynamo users who have picked up the basics and are eager to learn more. When a Dynamo user reaches the status of an “intermediate” user they are often looking at what to do next. More often than not, they turn to Python, (a textual programming language) within Dynamo. With Python, Dynamo users are able to access the Revit API in a whole new way and create additional functionality to make making things easier. What this lab will not be: This lab will not be an overly complex look at python from a computer programmer’s point-of-view. What this lab will be: This lab will provide an introduction to the Python environment within Dynamo from a Revit user’s perspective. As a Dynamo user myself, I have struggled with the same scenarios and have utilized Python in ways I never thought I would. This lab will cover key concepts for Python including, syntax, indentation, object types and iteration while relating it all back to Revit terms. This lab aims to give you the tools to continue in your Dynamo journey and do awesome things.

Of course, there are many great speakers that will be at this years DBWNA, Brian MacKay, Vickie PatelJohn Pierson, Mellissa Thiessens, Marcello Sgambelluri, Elaine Lee, Jason Boehning ,Dana De Filippi and Kelly Cone to name a few.

You can see the full list of Speakers for each event here: DataDay, BCS, and BILT.

As well as the full Scheule of sessions HERE.

Registration is now open and can found on the DBEI website, using events link for the DBWNA 2019 or by clicking the link below

Until next week,


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