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The Podcast Roundup – Episode 067 – Apr. 14th – Apr. 20th, 2019.

The BIMsider’s favourite Podcasts, Vodcasts and Videos from the world of AEC and BIM – for the week of Apr. 14th – Apr. 20th, 2019.

I’m going to start this week’s Podcast roundup off the episode of the ConTechCrew Podcast – in Video form from the JBKnowledge YouTube Channel.

The ConTechCrew 165: Marketing Matters with Alexine Gordon-Stewart from BIM Track


2) Podcast – From the BIMrras Podcast (Spanish Language)

034 BIM modeling of architectural heritage with Alejandro Cabello

Summary from the Podcast website:

“To talk about the modeling of historic buildings today we bring to BIMrras Alejandro Cabello , technical architect and building engineer, BIM consultant at BIMnD and trainer certified by ArchiCAD Spain . For his work, Alejandro develops projects on heritage buildings in both ArchiCAD and Revit , so his vision is an extraordinarily qualified opinion to know the workflows that are needed for a successful modeling of historic buildings.”

3) Video – From the SF Computational Design User Group YouTube Channel

SFCDUG April 2019 | Object: AI in Design & Automation tools for Revit

Summary from the YouTube Channel:

“Feature Presentation: Object: Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning Framework for Architects. In this presentation Mateusz Zwierzycki will sprint through his experiences with parametric modeling, coding and machine learning. He will showcase his past and present works and discuss the current state of AI in design. A live demonstration of Owl and its capabilities will top the lecture. Mateusz if the founder of Object is a company providing services and products based on parametric modeling, design workflow management, digital fabrication and machine learning. The spectrum of Object spans from Design and Consultancy through Education, Software and Research.”

4) Podcast – From the Life of an Architect Podcast

022: Residential Construction Costs

Summary from the Podcast website:

“In the beginning, when you are starting to plan your budget for building a new house, residential construction costs are not that complicated unless you really want to make them that way. There are some general broad stroke pieces of information that if you know them, you will not be surprised when it comes time to plan your budget.”

5) Video – From the CAD Intentions w/Brandon YouTube Channel – part of the Coffee Break Vodcast series.

Lenovo ThinkPad P72 & P52 – Performance, Power & Portability for CAD & Design – Coffee Break Ep#8

Summary from the YouTube Channel:

“In this episode, I showcase/highlight two of my favorite and best laptops for AutoCAD, Design, and engineering.”

6) Podcast – From The IoT Podcast

Episode 212: How to find connected devices in your home or enterprise

Summary from the Podcast website:

“This week’s show is all about visibility. Kevin and I get started discussing the new IoT Inspector program that tracks what devices are on your network and how they behave.  In other surveillance, we talk about how easy it is to identify total strangers using public cameras and public facial recognition programs, before discussing the destruction of a privacy law in Illinois. Intel’s decision to get out of the smartphone modem business gets a mention, as does Apple’s LIDAR investments and a new app from Waymo. In news bits, we talk about Schlage locks working with Ring, a new Alexa Skill certification, a new sportNorsk Hydro’s ransomware, and how to run open source smart home softwarein the cloud instead of a Pi. We also answer a question about connected double-cylinder locks.”

7) Video – From the Autodesk DevTV Youtube Channel

Autodesk DevDays Online 2019: Revit-Civil3D-Infraworks

Summary from the YouTube Channel:

“Discover the product, API changes and enhancements of Revit, Civil 3D and InfraWorks 2020, including the Forge Design Automation for Revit API.”

8) Podcast – From the Digital Transition Podcast

EPISODE 6: UK BIM Experience with David Philp

Summary from the Podcast website:

“This week we have finally been able to catch up with David Philp from AECOM in the UK. In this episode we discuss the experiences of why the UK Government mandated BIM, the impact it has had on industry and what other asset owners can learn from their experiences.”

9) Vodcast – From Prove It on the Proving Ground YouTube Channel

Prove It – Episode 2 – Big Ship Computation with Matt Goldsberry

Summary from the YouTube Channel:

“Matt Goldsberry from HDR joins Nate Miller and Dave Stasiuk from Proving Ground in to discuss his career path and how computational design is being adopted as part of HDR’s global architecture practice.”

10) Podcast – From The Art of Construction Podcast

AOC Show 143 – Quompounds?

Summary from the Podcast website:

“For this episode of The Art Of Construction, we’re speaking with architect Earl Parson. His firm, Parson Architecture is based in the central Arizona mountain community of Prescott, creating distinctive, one-of-a-kind homes for clients in Arizona and nationwide. They are specialists in creating one-of-a-kind Quonset hut based structures and Quonset Houses for DIY homebuilders and makers.”

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