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Weekly Roundup – 2018.26

The BIMsider’s favourite posts from the world of BIM –  for the week of June 24th – June 30th, 2018.



I’m going to start this week’s Roundup off with a post from the Livingroomcraftz Blog about cladding columns using Dynamo…don’t let the title fool you it’s about Dynamo 😉

Living in vain…

2) All things come to an end, or at least a conclusion…find out what I’m talking about in this post from There’s no BIM like home.

PLQ 3.4 – EPConclusion

3) While this next is not a BIM post the logic could certainly be applied to it, from It’s Alive in the Lab.

Research and Development plus Risk and Determinism

4) All the news from the world of BILT from the RTC News Blog.

BILT Vision 20/20 – Europe 2018 edition

BILT Europe Speaker Spotlight: Dan Stine

Seal of Approval

Data Day 2018 + IoT Sensors – Bill Debevc

New Sessions Added! Plus Sessions Almost Full!

BCS Keynote Speaker Spotlight: Tomislav Žigo, Clayco

Don’t Fall Over! BCS Europe 2018 – A new one day program

ARCHICAD Classes at BILT Europe!

5) I don’t know about you but I’m really enjoying this series of post from the RevitCat!

Creating Blends in Revit Mass – CME Part 2     (Part 1)


6) For those of you using C4R you really should read this post from What Revit Wants.

Moving the Revit CollaborationCache Folder to a Secondary Hard Drive

7) In case you missed any of Dan’s posts this week on his blog BIM Chapters here is his weekly recap.

BIM Chapters Update – Week of 24 June 2018

BILT EUR 2018 Speaker Spotlight and Lab Assistants     (My favourite post of Dan’s from this week)

8) If you are looking to learn about the Revit API, then check out this post from Harry of Boost Your BIM.

Learn the Revit API – new lecture

9) This next post is for all the Revit MEP folks out there (XS CAD)

Has BIM Changed MEP Design Workflow?

10) Looking to get read Word doc text with Dynamo, then check out this post from the Simply Complex Blog.


11) I’m going to end this week’s Roundup with a post that jam-packed full of great Revit info for those that do steel detailing and design from the Revit Blog.

Steel Workflow from Early Concept to Fabrication using AEC Collection – Part 1


Bonus) Almost forgot to share this week’s AEC-Complex Comic

Issue #6

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