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Weekly Roundup – 2018.17

The BIMsider’s favourite posts from the world of BIM –  for the week of Apr. 22nd – Apr. 28th, 2018.


I’m going to start this week’s Roundup off a post on LinkedIn by Kelly Cone, part 2 of a 3 part series not to be missed.

Implement Anything: A General Theory of Implementation (Part 2!)       (Part 1 here)

2) Have you been looking for a good use case (There are LOTS) for Dynamo in Constructions, then look no further than this post (BIM+)


3) Who doesn’t want to play with the Forge Viewer on an iPhone (well ok those of us on Android, but you get what I mean) learn more in this Forge Community Blog post

iPhone Panorama with Forge Viewer

4) Trimble made another big splash this week buying  Viewpoint. Paul from Extranet Evolution has all the news you need to know about this in these 3 post from this week.

Trimble acquires Viewpoint for $1.2bn

The next big AEC SaaS acquisition?

What next for Trimble’s SaaS platforms?

5) Moving from C4R to B3D (BIM 360 Design) all you need to know in this post from the Revit Blog.

From Collaboration for Revit to BIM 360 Design — what the Revit user needs to know

6) In case you missed any of Dan’s posts this week on his blog BIM Chapters here is his weekly recap.

BIM Chapters Update – Week of 22 April 2018

To BIM 360 Design or Not!  (this was my favourite post of Dan’s this week, which was actually by guest author Mike Matheny)

7) This post from Village BIM (French site) talks about a new Dynamo App, which is cool, however the part about selling scripts I’m not so sure about? Take a read and share your thoughts on paid scripts for Dynamo.

Dyn’apps: a new script launcher for Revit

8) This week’s news from the world of RTC Events Management / BILT from the RTC News Blog.

Building Information Modelling for Contractors

AIQS to feature at BILT ANZ 2018!

BILT ASIA – Winners and Grinners   (Honoured to have made this list at #6)

Speaker Spotlight

Europe Schedule Released

The More the Merrier…

9) If you are heading to any of the BILT (Next one is BILT ANZ) events this year and are looking for some Revit tips and tricks you should read this post from Behzad Meskini.

My promise, For Golden Tricks in BiLT ANZ 2018!?

10) I will end this week’s Roundup off with a tweet from Dan Rossiter…and I will let it speak for itself.

Until next week,


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