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Weekly Roundup – 2017.45

The week that was in the world of BIM –  for the week of Nov. 5th – Nov. 11th, 2017.


I’m going to start this week’s Roundup off with a great post for not only Dynamo but really for anything you need to teach from the Dynamo Blog, and written by Colin McCrone.

Ten Commandments for Teaching Dynamo by a Former “Evangelist”


Keeping on the Dynamo theme John pushed up a big update to his Rhythm package this week just ahead of AU, find out more in this post from sixtysecondrevit.

Huge Rhythm Updates + Full Documentation Available

Still one more post on Dynamo, this one a cool experiment from Michael at Archsmarter.

Dynamo for Busy People

Always keep an eye to the future, and that is what Scott is doing in this post from The BIM Jedi.

What does your future look like?

Next week is AU so we need a few AU tips and things to look for.

Coming to AU 2017 in Las Vegas next week? Don’t miss these events!     (Revit Blog)

Connect the Docs: BIM 360    (Convergence)

Autodesk University 2017 Tips     (Between the Lines)

I have never used but the technology does sound like a good fit for the construction industry. (What Revit Wants) – Machine Learning for Construction Site Imagery

This week’s AEC/BIM Podcasts and Videos


E008 BUILDERBOX.IO     (BluePrints)

Blockchain and BIM Design Improved with Game Theory and Machine Learning     (Constructrr)

ConTechCrew 94: Add On Tools for Revit with Brett Young from Building SP – Live from MCAA Tech 2017     (The ConTechCrew)

Dynamo Studio with Fractal Example and PowerBI     (Ryan Cameron)

Some news about 2018 Revit Reference planes from The Revit Geek.

Revit 2018 Reference Planes

I’m going to wrap up this week’s Roundup with a recap of BILTEUR 2017 from BIM Chapters.

Reflecting on BILT-EUR 2017 in Aarhus Denmark

Until Next Week,


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