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Weekly Roundup – 2017.41

The week that was in the world of BIM –  for the week of Oct. 8th – Oct. 14th, 2017.


I’m going to start this week’s Roundup off with the latest Revit release 2018.2 that came out this week. Find out all about in this post from the Revit Blog.

Getting to the small things that matter with the Revit 2018.2 update

If you use the Rhythm package for Dynamo than you will want to read this post from creator John on his blog sixtysecondrevit.

What is going on in Rhythm?

More Dynamo love from The Revit Kid.

Why I learned Dynamo and the two things I discovered during the process…

I found this post interesting as I have myself thought about a way to get a second screen for my laptop when I travel. (WorldCAD Access)

A second monitor for your laptop

Revit tip time from the folks at Revit A Structured Approach.

Revit – Stripping Views and Sheets from the model prior to upload to CDE

Another Revit tip this week, this one comes from Just shut up and do BIM.

Flying, domestic flying…

This week Luke from What Revit Wants puts on his IT hat to help us out mapping a drive.

How to Map A Drive Without Mapping A Drive In Windows

It’s been a while but we got a Boost Your BIM post this week, which always makes for a good week.

Quick Tip – Change those GUIDs!

Here are this week’s AEC / BIM Podcasts and Vlogs.

5 Steps to Creating a High-Performace Revit Template     (ArchSmarter)

Blockchain – Smart Cities Are Changing Policy (Ep. 44)     (Constructrr)

The ConTechCrew 90: Project Controls for Construction with Marcel Broekmaat from Trimble     (The ConTechCrew)

ConTech Tuesday: Rob Reviews the Otterbox uniVERSE Case System     (JBKnowledge)

Philadelphia Dynamo User Group – Oct 10 – Packages & the Package Manager     (PDUG YouTube)

Dynamo NEXT – S2E6 – Flux Test Fit     (Ryan Cameron)

SFDUG Sept 2017 | Beginner’s Guide to Python for Dynamo Users     (SFDUG YouTube)

Here is all the news from the world of Revit Add-ons

The Week that was in Revit Add-ons for October 2-8, 2017

I will end this week’s roundup with a couple of post from Dan Stine on his blog BIM Chapters.

Revit 2018 Family Constraints Validation

Revit 2018.2 Released

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