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Weekly Roundup – 2017.12

The week that was in the world of BIM –  for the week of Mar. 19th – Mar. 25th, 2017.


I’m going to start this week with a post that is sure to stir up a debate, as anything does these days with the words “BIM Manager” in it, from NBS.

What is a BIM Manager and what do they do?

For a different point of view check out this post from last year from practical BIM.

What makes a good Office BIM Manager?

Strong words but likely true in this article from Wired.

John Maeda: If You Want to Survive in Design, You Better Learn to Code

My reply to this post from Scott over at The BIM Jedi is, who doesn’t need a 3d printer…but few have an as honourable reason as Scott (hope Gigi is out of the cast soon).

I need a 3D printer

I think it’s pretty cool how far VR has come in the AEC industry, and this post is a good example. (nvidia blog)

How VR Is Helping Revitalize Downtown Duluth

Keeping with VR this is another great post about it in the wild (real world) from the Revit Kid.

Virtual Reality and Revit in the Real-World (Success story with HTC & Enscape 3d)

This week John had zero touches over at his blog sixtysecondrevit.

My first #DynamoBIM ZeroTouch Node

This week we got part 2 of 3 from ArchSmarter about management of your Revit Content.

How to Better Manage Your Revit Content – Part 2      (Part 1)

Now for all the news fit to be news from the world of RTC/BILT, from the RTC News Blog.

Plan B

BILT Asia Last Week to Register

Get Your Laptops And Lederhosen Ready!

Registration Opens Soon!

Data Day 2017

Project Fractal

BILT For Cross-Pollination

It was a very busy week for Dan over at BIM Chapters.

LHB’s Performance Driven Design Blog

Revit 2017 and Windows DPI Text Scaling Issue

New Book: Autodesk® Revit® 2017 Architectural Command Reference   (read my review of this book here)

Project Phases Disappear in Revit 2017

LHB’s NVIDIA Customer Success Story

Guest Enscape Blog Post and UofM ID Lecture

BILT 2017 Speaking Engagements

If you are a fan of the Flux tool “Site Extractor” good news there is now a new version out!

Site Extractor

Have you had your fill of Podcasts this week? If not then you should check out these gems.

E70 VR WITH BILL ALLEN     (BIMThoughts)

26 – Tip – Merging Layers    (podCADing)


E 60 End to End Workflows in Construction with Matt Gotterer from Bluebeam      (ConTechTrio)

I’m a little late to the party on these, but here are a couple of posts from Troy over at Revit Coaster.

Adding Revisions to a Sheet Index

Export All Possible Revit Warnings

Now for a little Naviswork content, from


It was a busy week for Luke over at What Revit Wants, and that is always a good thing!

Autodesk Product Discontinuations for 2018

RevitLookup – March 2017 Update

Revit 2018 New Advance Steel Features – Better Steel Connections

Autodesk 2018 Direct Download Links

The Best New Features in Enscape 1.9, and a Sneak Peak at Enscape for Sketchup

RTV Xporter Pro Updated to Support C4R, and How to Batch Upgrade Any Revit File Type

A week in the Revit world is not complete without a trip to Revit Add-ons to see what’s new.

The Week that was in Revit Add-ons for March 13-19, 2017

So I thought this was entertaining, so I’m sharing it – via Donnie Gladfelter’s tweeter

Speaking of crazy buildings (see post above) how about some random facades…head over to DynamoNodes.

Workflow: Random Curtain Wall Facade Panels with Dynamo

So have you heard the one about Pavlov’s dog…. (There’s no BIM like home)

PLQ 3.2 – Classical Conditioning

For you coders out there that work on Revit Plug-ins check out this post from Konrad over at archi+lab.

code signing of your Revit plug-ins

Advanced Steel folks this one is for you, from Applying Technology to Architecture.

Enhancements For Advance Steel and Steel Connections

You are wondering what has the Mistress of the Dorkness been up to, well from this post it looks like a lot of writing.

A listing of my articles

Have you been looking for a Revit training book for Landscape Architecture, look no more. (BIM Outsourcing)

Autodesk Revit 2017 Fundamentals For Landscape Architecture – A Useful Training Guide For Landscape Architecture

I will end this week’s Roundup with some of the news that was other there about the release of ACAD 2018 this week.

Introducing AutoCAD 2018     (AutoCAD Blog)

#AutoCAD 2018 Features   (It’s Alive in the Lab)


AutoCAD 2018 – 2/10, would not rent    (blog nauseam)

AutoCAD 2018 – there’s already an update   (blog nauseam)

AutoCAD 2018, What’s new?    (CADNotes)

AutoCAD 2018 in two minutes    (CAD Panacea)

Until next week,


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