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eBIMc Meeting – Thursday Sept. 15th, 6 – 8 pm – Revizto with Martin Neault of DIALOG

If you are going to be in the Edmonton area on Thursday, September 15th, then you should stop by and check out the eBIMc meeting ! Martin Neault of DIALOG will be talking about Revizto.


Revizto by Martin Neault of Dialog

Martin Neault  from Dialog follows up with REVIZTO™, Latin for “visual check”, is a suite of 3D applications that turns your BIM models into navigable 3D environments, in which you can easily collaborate in a cloud-based workspace ($) with your project team – architects, engineers, contractors and owners in real time on any device. Revizto processes Autodesk® Revit®, AutoCAD® and Navisworks® projects and also SketchUp, IFC and FBX files creating data-rich 3D scenes, complete with lighting, materials and family metadata.

Revizto offers sharing and collaboration tools, so anyone you invite ($) can view your project using the free Revizto Viewer. This application provides the effective communication tools, such as issue tracker and camera sharing. Supporting your ideas with screenshots and walk-through tours, you can reduce mistakes and misunderstanding within the project team.

With Revizto, export and share your BIM model with project stakeholders, explore and present on any device your model as a navigable 3D that anyone can walk through, and collaborate with your project team in real time by identifying, tracking, and solving problems throughout all phases of the project.  You can also tune your model by editing lighting and materials to enhance visual appearance.

If you are interested about 3D visual coordination and tracking design, modeling and clash issues in a cloud-based collaborative environment, and more, this live presentation will offer you a new alternative to improve the quality of your BIM project.

Here is a map for the location of PCL at 5400 99 Street.  Click and open the link embedded in the map below to access Google Maps for directions.

Please park in the lot outlined inside the box drawn above, but only at the stalls labeled or marked Guest, do not park at a named stall.  To enter the building after hours use the door to the west or left of the PCL letters on the map above. You will need to be let in by a eBIMc/PCL member with a door security key, please call or text 780-278-8097 if no one is at the door to let you in.


Price: C$0.00

Start Time: 6:00 PM 
End Time: 8:00 PM

Date: September 15, 2016

Register Here:


Twitter @theBIMsider
Facebook: theBIMsider

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